Beware of conmen cheating job seekers

via Beware of conmen cheating job seekers – The Zimbabwean 7.10.2015

Harare residents and Zimbabweans at large should be on the lookout for a group of highly sophisticated conmen who fleece unsuspecting job seekers in every city and town.

Investigations by The Zimbabwean  have established that with the increasing number of job seekers in the country, a ruthless group of people are taking advantage of the situation to enrich themselves.

Among other schemes, they use a method that has withstood the test of time –  calling unsuspecting people and saying they can let them in on a lucrative business deal, which promises big money to desperate hearts.

Investigations revealed that with the emergence of foreign supermarkets in Zimbabwe, the conmen have devised other ingenious ways of getting a chunk of the cake, by placing posters in strategic points announcing employment opportunities.

“We have been dealing with numerous complaints from people who have been conned since we opened our operations, but all I can say is that people who announce vacancies in our supermarket are conmen, because we have never advertised,” said the manager of OK Supermarket in the Harare city centre, who requested anonymity.

This followed a number of complaints from irate people who have been taken for a ride by the conmen, which left them several dollars short. The posters which are placed in strategic places like bus stops and restaurants, announce to job seekers that a certain foreign supermarket is hiring, and they go a step further and indicate the positions which are available, which include drivers, cashiers, cleaners and supervisors.

“Attractive remunerations await qualified candidates,” announces the poster, and below that several telephone numbers are printed for interested candidates to call.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a police officer stationed at Mbare shops told our reporter that on several occasions they have tried to waylay the conmen but they are too slippery.


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    Pride 7 years ago

    The police are in it as well. If people are being conned by actually getting hold of the conmen, how come the police cannot get hold of them when the conmen have a list of numbers which anybody can call. I smell a rat.