Bhasikiti exposes corrupt ministers

via Bhasikiti exposes corrupt ministers – DailyNews Live 31 March 2015

HARARE – In a stunning revelation, former Masvingo State minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti says President Robert Mugabe is sitting on reports detailing how some of his ministers demand kickbacks from investors and the country’s few remaining white farmers.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily News at the weekend, Bhasikiti — while careful not to mire Mugabe in the corruption — said he had personally handed a report to the nonagenarian’s chief secretary, Misheck Sibanda, which detailed the corrupt activities of two ministers which he named.

The Daily News was advised by its legal representatives to withhold the names of the two ministers and alleged beneficiaries of corruption, both of them from Masvingo, until they had been given an opportunity to defend themselves.

Efforts to reach the two bigwigs last night were unsuccessful.

Bhasikiti also claimed that Chingwizi villagers were being pushed around by the two ministers who were allegedly “pandering to the whims and machinations of rich investors”.

Bhasikiti exposes corrupt ministers

“I have written a report which I gave to the chief secretary Misheck Sibanda when I was (Masvingo) minister, highlighting these nefarious activities taking place in the province.

“I even attached a letter from Joc (Joint Operations Command). In the report I mentioned all these people and I do not lie to the president. However, all my attempts to meet him (the president) were thwarted because he was always said to be busy,” Bhasikiti said.

The Mwenezi East legislator, who was recently relieved of his ministerial duties, ostensibly because of incompetency but in reality because of his alleged connections to the “wrong basket” of ousted former vice president Joice Mujuru, also said unequivocally that corruption was stalling development in Masvingo.

Bhasikiti said successive provincial ministers had inexplicably failed to find decent land for the Chingwizi villagers, adding that he was the only one who was able to come up with a plan that was amenable to the majority of the villagers.

He alleged that the whole Chingwizi resettlement stand-off was “wrapped in sleaze involving large companies that are interested in sugar cane production”.

“They have now agreed to take people to Chiwumburu Farm, but the irony of this all is that Chiwumburu Farm is just next to where the people are currently settled, and it is the worst area in terms of drainage and soil texture, so you will be taking people from a better place to a worse place,” he charged.

Naming some prominent Masvingo white farmers, Bhasikiti claimed that one of the implicated ministers had been “offered cattle and money to save the farmer”.

“He went to the farm thrice trying to stop black people who were given land to settle just because he was promised some goodies,’ adding that (the two ministers) “have been protecting white farmers in the area and we are saying no to such corruption”.

He said this was the reason why “the same noise” was being made about the farm in Masvingo East that (Tourism minister Walter) Mzembi was allocated.

“There is no infrastructure there to carry out his projects and the remainder was left unallocated to that white farmer. But now they (the two ministers) want to deny Mzembi from carrying out the projects because they were promised some financial benefits,” he claimed.

Asked if he had not now assumed a belligerent stance because he had lost his job, Bhasikiti said he was on “the side of the truth and the voiceless”.

“I stand for the voiceless and I will speak about corruption, if they want to investigate this I stand ready to assist in any way because people will continue to suffer when leaders fight for their stomachs and we end up talking about sanctions,” he said.


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    Doris 6 years ago

    The corrupt speak of corruption.

  • comment-avatar

    “I stand for the voiceless and I will speak about corruption, if they want to investigate this I stand ready to assist in any way because people will continue to suffer when leaders fight for their stomachs and we end up talking about sanctions,” said Bhasikiti.

    My foot! Look at this fool, he is now saying “…I will speak about corruption….., blaaa, blaaa, blaaaa”.

    Why ‘WILL’ he want to speak about corruption now; did zanu pf corruption came yesterday after he had been booted away from the feeding trough for belonging to the wrong basket?

    Ngaatibvire, hapana chitsva chaari kuvudza vanhu maererano nechimbavha chavo vanhu vezanu pf, including iye Bhasikiti wacho imbavha huru ye zanu pf. Ngaatinyararire, kana akadzinga asati aba zvakakwana kuti arame vupenyu bwepamusoro bwaanga ajaira ngaadye nhoko dzezvironda akanyarara zvirikungoita ruzhigwavanhu munyika yavaka paradza ivo vanhu vezanu pf.

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    Mixed Race 6 years ago

    A typical fool trying to get new favors through funny ways.What did he do for the villagers who were made homeless by the dam wall failure?Was that not corruption in its worst,to ignore their appeals for help?
    If this farm with a well established orchard is his by means of seizure then we can honestly say that he is also corrupt.If you take what is not yours,it makes you a corrupt person,therefore he is not qualified to condemn others.When he was asked why he was cutting fruit trees after his purging he claimed that he was pruning them, which is absolutely nonsense because you only do it around July to allow for new shoots in early August.

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    Mupurisa 6 years ago

    Kunze kwavakutonhora ka!! Now that these Politicians (Bhasikiti, Gumbo, Sibanda, Mutasa etc) are out in the cold, now it has suddenly motivated them to expose corruption, injustice, incompetence etc, etc!!

    It was so good on the gravy train, but now that they have been kicked off they are squeeeling very loud, yet we the people know that they are all cut from the same cloth.

    If they are not careful, these ‘whistle blowers’ will all meet the same fate as Chindori-Chininga!! Tambai makachenjera vakomana, you know exactly what your comrades with their degrees in violence are capable of.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 6 years ago

    “Bhasikiti” . Vote for the povo now you silly man.

  • comment-avatar
    mandevu 6 years ago

    Agree with the other commentators. There are three or more twists in the story that Bhasikiti describes here. Corruption is ok as long as you can show another corruption on top of the original corruption. Sorry but no one is buying this – you are all going to have to go

  • comment-avatar
    Fundani Moyo 6 years ago

    “I stand for the voiceless and I will speak about corruption …..” Victims of Guguranhunde (predominantly Ndebeles), victims of farm seizures (predominantly whites), victims of the 2008 brutality (mainly Shonas) and of late Itai Dzamara–all voiceless–have not heard Bhaskiti standing up for them. His idea of justice is “selective justice”. We are all in this together; when one of us’ human rights are violated, we should feel their pain. For the past 35 years Bhaskiti’s mouth was too full for him to speak-out. Welcome to our World, Mr. Bhaskiti!

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