Biti blasts Tsvangirai

via Biti blasts Tsvangirai | The Herald June 12, 2015

MDC Renewal secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti has castigated his former boss and MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, saying he lacks trust and transparency.

Mr Biti said Mr Tsvangirai wanted to privatise and personalise the party.

Briefing journalists at MDC Renewal offices in Harare recently, Mr Biti said Mr Tsvangirai could not be trusted as a national leader after he betrayed the people of Zimbabwe since 1999.

“When we formed and wrote our manifesto in 1999 we agreed that we put terms of office for our leaders and agreed that MDC leaders come and go through leadership renewal, but Mr Tsvangirai is still leading the party today despite our agreement,” he said.

He said there were contradictions within the MDC-T and this forced MDC Renewal members to leave the political outfit.

“The issues also revolve around use of violence and lack of transparency on resources. How can you trust someone who personalises and privatises the party,” he said.

MDC Renewal Team chairman Mr Samuel Sipepa Nkomo said his party will soon hold a congress.

He said congress would come up the party’s name not in anyway associated with MDC.


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    Ngarava 7 years ago

    Why Biti is wasting time castigating Tsvangirai, instead of renewing his renewal project. It’s very simple Biti iMbiti and is power hungry. Degrees doesn’t count in politics. He must rather join Zanu of or rejoin MDC. The renewal project is a dead project. I bet Biti will never rule Zimbabwe, he was born to be ruled. It’s only height of ambitions, an ant climbing the back of an elephant with the intention to rape. Tsvangirai 3- Biti 0. Biti vakanyengera vanaMadzore, hezvo womama nenhamo. What type of a Lawyer are you. You were supposed to have known the legal implications of forming you own party. Either you knew that but you only wanted to show your poor colleagues how cruel you are or you are dump. Lookin kuseka nhamo kunge rugare. Hezvo wakungopaumba pese pese, nyadzi dzinokunda rufu.

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    No matter how many times yu castigate Tsvangirai , it doesn’t matter. What matters is your personality. Just prove to be better period. As it stands now Tsvangirai is way ahead of you.

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    Sorry kwazvo. Zvinonzwisa tsitsi.

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    Dr Tapera 7 years ago

    Is that all you can offer Biti? A PhD on shortcomings of Morgan? How about one on what yo can do for Zimbabwe? I have been one of your long time admirers, until day you unnecessarily and unwittingly jumped ship!

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    maisokwazvo 7 years ago

    I totally agree with the above comments on Biti, Emotions aside but facts abound BITI YOU BETRAYED THE STRUGGLE AND ZIMBABWEANS WON’T FORGIVE YOU UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU DISPLAY MATURITY Look I for one banked on your intelligent outfit yet you are just an empty vessel. How can you do such a stupid thing Okay you did not agree with Tsvangirai on principles fine but why didnt you pose to think that there is blood split for MDC. Okay you wanted Tsvangirai out why not let the people who elected him oust him at an elective congress in a mature way instead of trying to ambush him, SHAME ON YOU BITI

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    muchinja chaiye 7 years ago

    shame on you wapera basa matorovhiro(a.r.vs) akupinda mubrain aurikunwa chienda mhiri kwawaida kuenda wamirirei