Million dollar project for Binga villagers

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Million dollar project for Binga villagers 06 October 2014

MATABELELAND NORTH – BINGA villagers have won a million dollar contract to supply a medicinal plant, used to produce Quabain a drug which prevents heart failure to international pharmaceutical companies.

The lucrative deal which will see the Tonga community which has in the past decried marginalization wrecking in millions of dollars annually, was announced by the director of Kaite Trust, Dominic Collernberg, whose organisation is working with about 65 Sikalenge Ward villagers in harvesting the plant to sell to international pharmaceutical companies.

The indigenous strophanthus, known in Binga as tjotjokulumpalumpa, is a poisonous plant, which is traditionally used to catch fish as its toxic element makes the fish’s heart stop.

International pharmacies, according to reports, discovered that the plant in Binga was of high quality compared to the one in West Africa – where they had been getting it.

During a presentation to the director of USAid Zimbabwe Mission, Melissa Williams, whose organisation funds the projects, Collernberg said they had been contracted to harvest the plant in Binga because of its high quality internationally.

The project is being implemented by Hilfswerk Austria International and the World Food Programme.


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    Zimbabwe govt must ensure that we not sell our plant species for 30 pieces of silver. they must assist the villagers or others who may want to venture into this project.
    To come up with the right prices, compare the prices of the plant internationally and advise Zimbabweans accordingly.
    the plant must be sold through govt agencies for accountability and taxation purposes.

    someone said to me that over 70% of plant species have medicinal values.

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      Tfara 8 years ago

      USAid organization goes out of its way to ensure the recipients of its sponsored projects get maximum benefit Unlike any Zim gov or Chinese project which are done for self benefit.

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    Kevin Watson 8 years ago

    Why don’t the villagers cultivate the plant commercially? I know because the ZANU PF thieves will steal the product and the land!

  • comment-avatar
    Justice 8 years ago

    Ngonyer….just like the diamonds I suppose? The government has done a wonderful job there haven’t they?
    Keep the government’s and ZANU snouts well away from the project or the villagers will starve!