Welshman Ncube’s MDC blasts Zanu-PF over devolution

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Welshman Ncube’s MDC blasts Zanu-PF over devolution 09 September 2014

MDC led by Welshman Ncube has condemned the apparent unwillingness by the ruling Zanu-PF to set up provincial councils as required by the new Constitution saying it was a ploy to prevent devolution.

MDC Matabeleland South provincial chairperson Pilate Ndebele said Zanu-PF’s silence on the establishment of the 10 provincial councils was not only worrying for his party, but for all people who contributed during the outreach programme.

The new Constitution that was adopted just before last year’s elections provides for devolution through provincial councils.

Members of provincial councils are chosen through proportional representation.

“Zanu-PF agreed over the issue of devolution of power before elections because people ensured that it was part of our new governing charter,” Ndebele said.

“Devolution can only be possible if the provincial councils are implemented, but it is sad that since Zanu-PF won the elections, it has remained mum over the issue and if people ignore it, the policy will never be implemented.”

Ndebele said Zanu-PF must explain what is hindering the establishment of provincial councils.

“If these councils had been in place from the beginning, they might have been working with senators and other local leaders to develop their localities as well as discussing local policy issues to be channelled to the national leadership for actioning,” he said.

“If the Zanu-PF government is facing resource problems to set up provincial councils, it must tell the people who voted for it.

“We want Zanu-PF to be responsible because if we just ignore it neglecting policies wanted by the people, next time it will do so to the Senate and National Assembly knowing that people normally do not complain.”

Earlier this year, Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa said it would take a while before provincial councils were set up due to economic challenges bedevilling the country.

Mnangagwa said the Constitution provides for an Act of Parliament to be passed to make provision for the establishment and operation of local councils, but he said the government was constrained by economic problems.

He said once Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo was done with crafting regulations and structuring of local government councils, the Bill would then be tabled in Parliament.


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    There’s the problem! Chombo has been put in charge of crafting the enabling legislation. Why is that? He is an appointee if the president, and therefore is a member of the executive or administrative branch of government. Provincial councils are a part of the legislative branch of government from whence their mandate should derive. Therefore it is the responsibility of Parliment to craft this legislation.

    What a f*cked up country where the legislature lets the executive lead them around by the nose and do whatever it wants! It’s time a few people grew a pair.

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    choto 8 years ago

    some small boys looking for cash allowances through provincial councils. How much are they paid for sitting in these councils. this country is awash with beggars masquerading as politicians. destitutes with nowhere to feed from.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    These are professors of doom.When some of us questioned the practical implementation of the new constitution at their YES campaign meetings,they gave us many useless explanations.In most cases the ruling party never attended those meetings until towards the end of the campaign,therefore we can conclude that they did not like most of the items included in this new constitution.
    The ruling party has majority in parliament which they can use at will to alter all the sections they did not want included in this new constitution.The opposition parties including that of Welshman were clearly out witted and were used for the benefit of the ruling party.I cannot see devolution policy being implemented in the near future whilst we are facing a dying economy.How will they control public anger and propaganda?It looks like some of these professors are full of academic theories not practically minded.

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      Phunyukabemphethe 8 years ago

      What were they supposed to do? I thought they pushed for what the majority of people wanted – Devolution and that’s what democracy is all about?

      Mixed Race, be honest – there is nothing wrong with the Professors or the MDC. What is wrong is the gukurahundi crafted political environment that glorifies dishonesty; cheating; primitive thinking and behaviour.

      Disrespecting the constitution over which you were sworn despite claiming to be a Catholic Christian is the most dishonest thing a man of that age 91 can ever be expected to do? What example is one setting for the young people including his own children.

      Zimbabwe has a culture of glorifying bad things – that has been its downfall. Surely what is clever about cheating or outwitting each other? You hear people glorifying them saying ZANU CHIWORORO – this is something normal people are supposed to feel sad about; but in Zimbabwe its glorified. What a sad country!

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    Ndebvu Mukomichi 8 years ago

    We want doers, not academics. Some of these political professors are like eunuchs: they know how it is done, and how it should be done, Some of them have seen it being done- BUT they cannot do it themselves! Anyway ava vari kuda kudyawo – to get into paid jobs so that they can start earning from the fiscus!

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    wensil 8 years ago

    This is Zanu PF at its best, they will delay this as much as possible and claim there is no money. The negotiators were duped, they should have insisted on a time limit on everything because Zanu PF will use every trick in the book for things they don’t like.

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    Ivor Payne 8 years ago

    Constitutionalism and the rule of law a la ZANU PF…no appreciation that implementing constitutional provisions is mandatory…and not a set of rules that they can pick and chose from and put into practice as and when(if) it is convenient.