Zim local is not so lekker for top 5 supermarkets

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Zim local is not so lekker for top 5 supermarkets 06 October 2014

Zimbabwe’s top five supermarkets Ok, TM, Pick n Pay, Spar and Food World are reluctant to allocate more shelf space to local goods as they have reservations on their quality, efficiency and standards.

In the six months to June local companies shelled out more than $400 million on foreign groceries, mostly from South Africa.

Retailers however say while they are willing to work with local product first, some were unreliable, inconsistent and thus attracted little consumer interest either through poor quality or unattractive packaging.

Retailers also say they need to be sure there is enough capacity in local companies.


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    Angela Wigmore 8 years ago

    Surely packaging is the least important requirement in Zimbabwe – in the UK many of us complain about unnecessary packaging resulting in higher prices and unrecyclable waste. Price and quality are what matter.

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    Swagman 8 years ago

    We need to wrap everything in
    ZANU-PF colors, with Mugarbage’s
    visage on the products – that will
    boost sales and popularity !

    Maybe insert a FREE Doctorate
    Certificate in the package, too!

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    The company buyers for local products are also not supportive of local producers.

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      Its called “COMPETETION” a foreign word in africa stiffled by africas resoundingly successful governments all 50 plus of them.

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    farai 8 years ago

    Packaging for most local products is uninspired. One local company that makes custard, delicious product better than all imported brands but the packaging looks like it was designed by an accountant. Then they put a proudly zimbabwean logo hidden on the base of the pack!

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    Gomogranny 8 years ago

    I would support any supermarket which has one (even if presently very small) corner/shelf dedicated to local produce. That corner or shelf would be my first port of call…then if what I wanted was not there I would proceed to the shelves holding imported goods. WE, the CONSUMER drive demand. Do not blame the buyers…they live by their sales (in other words what WE THE CONSUMER ARE BUYING)….if we demand a “LOCAL SHELF” we will get one. That initially small shelf (Kefalos, Tilapia, MAZOE etc) will grow or die according to whether we buy from it.