Calls for Tomana ouster gets louder

via Calls for Tomana ouster gets louder – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 23, 2015

SEVERAL civil society groups in Harare have threatened to take to the streets today in protest against Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana’s alleged blooper over the country’s prescribed age of sexual consent.


This followed reports that Tomana was quoted as saying 12-year-olds could consent to sex.

Tomana has come under immense pressure as civic society and commentators have demanded his resignation or sacking while he has claimed that he was quoted out of context.

Children and women’s rights pressure groups initially met on Friday before deciding to march to the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs ministry today.

The demonstration is expected to start at Town House. The march will run under the theme The Call is for the President to Relieve Tomana of his Duties, as a Matter of Urgency!

Talent Jumo of Katswe Sistahood yesterday said they would be protesting to make sure Tomana resigned.

“Tomana must go! We need somebody new to lead a process of legal reform towards the protection of children and women’s rights,” she said.

“Tomana sentenced our children to sexual slavery and supports paedophiles hanging around our children. We cannot let him get away with this. He should be our example that we the Zimbabwean people will not tolerate irresponsible behaviour especially from individuals in positions of power.”

Girls RUs founder and director Sandra Moyo said Zimbabwean policies were too incoherent and Tomana’s statements were proof that they were not well thought out.

“So we can have sex in schools, just not safe sex? Early sexual activities increase chances of cervical cancer. These 12-year-old girls, who will they be having sex with? Because surely what does a 12-year-old boy know about sex? ” queried Moyo.
“Are we as a nation promoting some old men’s fantasies of having sex with babies because that’s what I see in a 12-year-old?
On the issue of empowerment and equality, putting the power of consent in the hands of a 12-year-old regarding sex not only comes with health implications, but further reinforces gender stereotypes and patriarchal values.”