Chatunga off to the UN

via Chatunga off to the UN | The Zimbabwean 23 September 2014 by Jera

Barely a fortnight after the inconsequential yet costly trip to China, President Mugabe has flown off to New York for the 69th UN General Assembly, taking with him the obligatory entourage of hangers-on.

Also on board the flight was recent graduate, Grace Mugabe – Dr Grace we should say – and lastborn, Chatunga, whose presence in NY is as relevant as a fifth wheel on a car. If we are to believe Mugabe’s repeated claims of good health – ‘fit as a fiddle’ – one cannot imagine the point of including Dr Grace on such a trip. Even more baffling is Mugabe’s need to drag his teenage son along on every overseas trip.

State media has made no effort to reveal the President’s travelling costs, which is rather strange as the head of state is in fact an employee of the people. Picture, if you will, the PR manager of a company, spending the employer’s money without troubling to disclose expenditure.

Whether the cost is one dollar or one million dollars, it is money that the overtaxed populace cannot afford.

One wonders what exactly Chatunga will do with himself to pass time, while daddy addresses the UN summit (read hurls insults at the hosts). Perhaps the party boy Chatunga will take a bite out of the Big Apple and hit the night spots, as his reputation suggests.

By day he may tag along when Grace heads for the shopping malls, where he might toss a new Playstation into the trolley, among the First Lady’s Gucci handbags. ‘Charge it to the people of Zimbabwe, they’ll pay!’

In November 2013, President Robert Mugabe lambasted his cabinet ministers for wasting time on tours and meetings. Ten months is a long time for a forgetful 90-year-old. Perhaps he has forgotten.

“We have got to start work, travel less, meet less and more action, more action, more action and that’s Zanu (PF). Otherwise people will say to us, you said you were going to fulfil these pledges, you are not fulfilling them,” he said.


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    Takes DisGrace along in case she turns State House into Ho House while he away. And the brat might turn house into Weed smoking joint.

    Or he is being cautious in case there is a coup while he is out he knows his family is “SAFE”

    Cant think of other reasons.

    Hate the fact we have to pay for this bunch of thieves’ extravagance .

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      mumvana 8 years ago

      The misus and the boy will be taking turns to change his incontinence pads viz the shopping.

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    jongwe 8 years ago

    Oh come on be fair the lad needs to be groomed for future responsibilities, after all you must have a leadership plan worked out……Disgrace is the heir followed by one of the siblings.
    As I’ve told you before ‘Zimbabwe is mine’ so sayeth Mugarbage

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    matigari 8 years ago

    Damn the tax payer. The first family has enough money to buy the earth. Who cares what happens back home? Shopper’s trip buddie. Shop doc shop. Civil educated Zimbos won’t complain. We have understanding citizens who will support you for plundering the economy young lady. Being inducted as new leader of the nation!

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    just saying 8 years ago

    Robert has been doing as he pleases for over 34 years and has no intention of stopping now. He feels our taxes are his to spend as he sees fit. This is what has happened & continues to happen in Africa because we cannot be objective about our leaders & realise they are as fallible as the next man. Let this be a warning to the Tsvangirai and Zuma praise singers who think their man can do no wrong. Our problem as Africans is we rather whisper in the dark than hold our leaders to account, until it’s too late

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    Butterfly 8 years ago

    Presume while Daddy is at the UN dozing off Mummy and Son will be shopping until their drop

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    You were blind in 1980. Fools worshipping a terrorist. Reap what you sow. You haven’t suffered enough yet. Cowards. Academic words. No action. The newyork circus is a disgusting disgrace. Pamberi mob justice street barricades !!!!!!!!!! Who is changing the 90 yr relic’s nappies/pampers/diapers at u.n. ?

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    Nintalan 8 years ago

    Isn’t this a good time for a street march or two?

    Mugabe wants to stand up at the UN and lecture the world on how wonderful he is and how Zimbabwe would be the most wonderous place in the world to live, if it weren’t for sanctions. Show the world that he is a liar and a dictator by getting out into the streets and expressing your views.

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    Tendai Dzumbira 8 years ago

    One is left to conclude that this Chatunga boy is completely out of school. We were told he was receiving private tuition at home. Can he not be taught in the absence of the parents? The teachers are probably part of the big delegation as long as the Zimbabwean taxpayers foot the bill! What’s next? We will soon be told that he is graduating with or that degree; the choice is his!

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    Emerson 8 years ago

    You brothers have no idea of the importance of this meeting in the UN. Zimbabwe and Africa are raising up from dust to the Stars. Economic/monetary reforms coming soon. Rejoice.

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    Chana 8 years ago

    Grace has 2 nieces in Pennsylvania so Chatunga will be with cousins and family.

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    das reich 8 years ago

    MaShonas have failed to run this country

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    Zimbabwean are close to claiming their country soon. These are the last day! All odds will be against them.

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    protestor 8 years ago

    MMMM MAZIMBOS takarohwa nezveusiku docility and medicrioty will consume us.

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    Petal 8 years ago

    in the shopping trolley Gucci products must be thrown in including the latest upmarket gadgets for the son to show them off to his friends