Chinamasa back in China

via Chinamasa back in China – The Zimbabwe Independent August 22, 2014 by Herbert Moyo

ZIMBABWE’S quest for Chinese assistance to pull the country out of the current economic meltdown characterised by a swingeing liquidity crunch gathered momentum this week with the departure of ministers to China ahead of President Robert Mugabe’s state visit to the Asian economic powerhouse.

While Mugabe is scheduled to depart tomorrow for Beijing to seal a US$4 billion cash bailout, the ministerial delegation, which sits on the Zimbabwe-China Joint Permanent Commission is focusing more on securing Chinese participation in the implementation of various capital projects across key sectors in water, energy and construction, among others.

The joint commission consists of senior government officials from the two countries and in the case of Zimbabwe, ministers from the economic cluster are all members. These include Finance, Agriculture, Industry, Mines, Transport, and Foreign Affairs whose minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is the leader of the delegation.
Government sources told the Zimbabwe Independent on Monday that the group, which includes ministers Patrick Chinamasa (Finance), Mumbengegwi and Mike Bimha (Industry and Commerce) left for China on Tuesday.

“The ministers left on Tuesday and their discussions with their Chinese counterparts will mainly focus on how that country can assist in the implementation of large-scale projects in construction, engineering, water and power generation,” the source said.

“Their discussions will also lay the groundwork for the president’s own visit which will hopefully lead to the announcement of the US$4 billion rescue package for Zimbabwe.”

Chinamasa and Mumbengegwi’s mobile phones were unreachable while Deputy Foreign Affairs minister Chris Mutsvangwa referred questions to the ministry’s permanent secretary Joey Bimha whom he said had been in the “cockpit of the preparations” for the conference.

Bimha confirmed that the ministers left on Tuesday for the Zimbabwe-China Joint Permanent Commission meeting in Beijing, China.

“My minister left today (Tuesday) along with Chinamasa for discussions with their Chinese counterparts in the Zimbabwe-China Joint Permanent Commission,” said Bimha.

“The commission will hold discussions to try to identify areas where China and Zimbabwe can co-operate especially in the implementation of projects. You may have heard that the Chinese do not give money directly but their companies can implement various projects across key sectors which will then be loans owed to them by Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean government wants to speed up the implementation of various projects including the Hwange Thermal power plant as well as dams such as Kunzvi, which could end Harare’s perrennial water woes.

Government was last month forced to cancel a billion-dollar tender awarded to a Chinese company, China Machinery Engineering Company, for the expansion of Hwange Thermal Power Station. This was after it emerged that the company did not have funds for the project despite winning the tender which was subsequently given to the second highest bidder, Sino Hydro of China.


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    Petal 8 years ago

    the solution is find the money looted from the coffers and prosecute those who have done so but it will not happen

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    Can I offer you some advice Chinamasa?
    Stop spending the money flying to China with your begging bowl and no doubt your huge entourage of hangers on.
    Ask your wonderful Tin Pot, Banana, President and his band of merry thieves to just dip into their pot of stolen, looted money, take out a few hundred million (here or there) and put it back where it rightly belongs.
    It’s not rocket science mate!!!

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    avenger/revenger 8 years ago

    This would be a win win for the chinks. A lose lose for zim . A win win for a few zpf criminal cabal. Let the yellow devils be aware that the new non-zpf govt will not honor such shady mafia deals with human rights abusers and the mortgaging of our kids’ resources to these non-indigenous professional looters. Be warned china the unscrupulous

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    Panda moyo 8 years ago

    I notice that the “owner” of the country is now selling his country fo 4billion.kkkk at least its no longer 1billion .perhaps the chinese should hav bought while it was 1billion.perhaphs they will haggle over the price.that will make things interesting.

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      Sekuru BOB 8 years ago

      Chinamasa uchapera shangu uchienda China asi chabuda hapana

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    Chiwoniso D 8 years ago

    Mugabe and cronies shud just surrender power to the owners.

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    Miimo 8 years ago

    China master and Mugabe both off to top up their offshore bank accounts. As I said last week on this forum the aid and loans were getting low time to replenish them for the next round of looting. After its independence that Zimbabwe wanted and all it got was dependence on loans free money and donations.

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    what is the Chinese word for beggar? or scrounger? or nuisance?

    So the First Beggar is going to “sign” the country away??

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      主席 8 years ago


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    Gono Chiyadza 8 years ago

    You are wasting your time, the China man will not give you money, they would rather give to USA and Germany not to stupid people like Chisinamusoro Chinamasa and his boss Bod the king How many times have been looking east and east. Mari is there in Zim ..potentially. You need to think and work with others

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    Gondobwe 8 years ago

    Will this money for infrastructural development help the liquidity crisis and pay the civil service in time?
    What are the terms of this loan? Government should let us know the fine print as tax payers who will refund the loan.
    I would like to know the collateral security for this loan, please Mr. Chinamasa.

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    主席 8 years ago

    中津关系是在相互尊重,互惠互利的原则基础上建立的 !