CIO bans mini-skirts

via CIO bans mini-skirts – The Zimbabwean 6 May 2015

The Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) has banned mini-skirts and stylish hairstyles as part of its “reformation” of the spy agency.

Inside sources told The Zimbabwean that President Robert Mugabe had complained about how female officers were dressing, prompting Happyton Bonyongwe, the CIO boss, to take action.

The CIO administrative unit recently dispatched a memo to all departments calling on female employees to discard revealing clothes. The memo read in part: “All female officers are supposed to be decently dressed. Henceforth, officers are expected to desist from wearing mini-skirts.”

“In addition,” continued the memo, “female officers, regardless of rank, must desist from stylishly coloured hair as a way of maintaining decorum in front of dignitaries.”

Already, sources said, the agency has announced measures to rein in officers who were abusing their offices in various ways. These include using work identity cards to gain entry into entertainment spots or other privileged places.

In addition, operatives must not use their personal cars on official business unless authorised to do so. The administrative department warned that all those would disregard the new regulations would be severely punished.

The new measures have, however, angered junior officers who complained that they would constrain their work.

“Our organisation must move with the times. It is clear that there are circumstances that require that we dress like the crowd. We don’t have to stand out because that tends to expose us.

Church people

“This business of looking like church people all the time makes us easily noticeable. We operate undercover and the last thing you want to do is to dress in a way that makes you stand out. This compromises our effectiveness,” said a junior female officer.

“For instance, at the MDC-T demonstration during the SADC conference (on industrialisation), some of us felt constrained because we could not freely move around as we had been forced to be in formal attire,” she added.

Another female operative described the CIO leadership as “old school”. “What is indecent about colouring your hair? It’s not mini-skirts that are indecent,” she said.

A male officer said: “Most of the time there is no fuel or vehicles to use and we have been doing our operations in our own cars. Now they are banning that – yet they still expect you to deliver. This is ill-advised”.


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    cde joboringo 7 years ago

    this female officer does she know descend dressing and does she know how church goers dress take her back to school.its good.The dressing has become too much even infront of the president or loose your dignit.Hapana hikoro chinonzi chekare president vakadzidza chikoro chekare vavari kusaruta vakadzidza kare itai zvamataurirwa.pamotokari chimbowasiyaiwo nyika haina mari ngvaite basa nadzo.

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    mambojambo 7 years ago

    So now we’re safe with mini skirted, fancy hairdo mfazi’s and beware of the plain Janes!

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    ananian 7 years ago

    Mini skirts are wrong and they are used to entice men, thus why Grace got married to Mugabe. She is the one Grace who complained to the boss(Mugabe) that some of you officers are busy enticing her husband at work in steady of working. The issue of working at saying you want to disguise by attending MDC T demonstrations the CIO organisation acts in an extremely unethical way, because your operations are not peaceful as a spy organisation. You are suppressing the democratic rights of a certain section of the society/citizen to preserve a small section which is repressive. Hence wherever you are CIO you need to be noticed. The reasons your cars have no fuel is due to protecting an illegal regime, that has been discarded by the citizen. let Mugabe and ZANU PF go, you will be doing proper work in top of the range cars under the new order. Providing real security to citizens not a particular person as now.

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    masvukupete 7 years ago

    If the CIO stop wearing mini-skirts it will bring electricity, 2million jobs, drinkable water, and also medical supplies to our hospitals.

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    Jones 7 years ago

    What a joke. The women were never even consulted on the matter, this is 21st century for gooddness sake…you can’t stop what’s coming. Bloody uncle Bob is just used to dictating everything and that the way he has managed to run the country down into the ground

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    Guvnor 7 years ago

    Undercover in formal attire ! To quote Deng Xiopeng “It does not matter if a cat is black or white, the important thing is that it catches mice”