Civilians can lead Zim: Jabulani Sibanda

via Civilians can lead Zim: Jabulani Sibanda | The Zimbabwean 17 September 2014 by Nelson Sibanda

It is wrong for anyone to declare that people who did not participate in the armed struggle cannot lead the country, says war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda.

 In the past, army generals refused to salute Morgan Tsvangirai and said anyone without liberation war credentials would never lead the country.

All that matters is representation of the views of Zimbabweans and ideological correctness, the leader of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association told The Zimbabwean this week.

Responding to questions about Grace Mugabe’s suitability for the presidency, Sibanda said there were some principled non-war veterans who valued the aspirations of the black majority more than those who took up arms to fight the former colonial masters.

He noted that successive generations would further the interests and values of the struggle in their own way. Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi and Lobengula had begun the struggle. The generation of Benjamin Burombo and others took it a step further in the 1920s-1930s, and succeeded pressuring the British into recognising the black man’s right to walk on pavements, among others.

Then came the generation of President Robert Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Chinamano, Simon Muzenda and others in the 1960s. “After some 10-12 years those detained were released and went on to execute the next stage of the liberation war through demonstrations and the armed struggle itself,” said Sibanda.

Because the liberation struggle was the responsibility of one generation to another “I would not say a person who did not participate in the liberation struggle cannot lead the country, since that would be wrong,” he said.

Sibanda’s position was a slap in the face of army generals who announced that anyone without liberation war credentials would not lead the country, let alone be saluted.

This was in apparent reference to MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who posed a serious threat to Mugabe’s presidency since 1999.

Commenting on the first lady’s political ambitions for the country’s highest office, Sibanda said “The First Lady was unanimously supported by the Women’s League for the chairpersonship and as far as I know, she would assume the position after the Congress if she succeeds,” said Sibanda.

Observers said Sibanda’s leadership criteria might give Grace a free passage to the presidency when time comes.


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    Jabulani Sibanda’s position in the Zanu choir is a backup singer. He has to follow what ever lines are sung. But then so are most of the people in Zanu. Even a fool can see that Zanu is imploding. There is a lot going on in the background where everybody including Mugabe is trying to position themselves to brace for the imminent implosion. Ordinary Zimbabweans must hope that it does spare the likes of Sibanda.

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      God’s judgment is falling

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      Doris 8 years ago

      Too right. Still like to find out how old Sibanda is. Might have an implication relating to his so called war vet status.

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    MlimoPhd 8 years ago

    Sibanda is is no more than 45 and I worked it out that he would have been a very young vet if at all. This charlatan has been on the gravy train for way too long. Like Mujuru who claims to have shot down helicopters and studied a worthwhile Phd this is a sign of how far Zimbabwe has fallen ! This fool also only can claim to represent 20,000 people given that the average life span of males in Zimbabwe is 46 so at least 50 percent would have died already. There were an estimated 40,000 vets in total but many more claimed that status.

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    MlimoPhd 8 years ago

    The Internet shows he was born in 1970.

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    Jake PhD 8 years ago

    Why do we bother commenting on this Jabulani idiots’ drivel?

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    It’s TRUE as someone once said; “Chickens are now coming home to roost”

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    mandevu 8 years ago

    Oh dear. When I started reading this I thought “ok this is a nice change” from the usual cr*p. A future leader who was not part of the armed struggle. But my hopes were shattered when I realised that he was talking about Professor Grace. God forbid

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    Isu Zvedu 8 years ago

    Now those without liberation war credentials, are allowed to lead Zimbabwe because pave nema untouchables – SHAME on you Sibanda. Zimbabweans please fungai zvinovaka nyika kuti iyenderere mberi kwete zvekufunga kufadza vananhingi naanangana.

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    Interesting Jabu. You probably must have realised by now that many Zimbabweans including Bob our erstwhile bobo were out of the country when the fighting was on. The people inside the country had to carry the fight to.So Jabu dont you think all Zimbabweans are free to lead . Honestly you have put your foot in it again. This country does not belong to Zanu period fools.