Clinton hallucinating, says Mugabe

via Clinton hallucinating, says Mugabe – New Zimbabwe 05/10/2015

HILLARY Clinton is not qualified to criticise President Robert Mugabe who is well above anything the aspiring US presidential candidate “can ever hope to be”, the Zimbabwean leader’s spokesman has said.

George Charamba also warned local United Nations agencies to know their place and stop thinking that they can “snipe at a sitting Head of State and Government”.

The presidential spokesperson was responding to criticism of Mugabe by UN agencies and Clinton over his latest homophobic outburst.

While addressing the recent United Nations general assembly in New York, Mugabe, diverting from his prepared remarks, exclaimed, “we are not gays” as he attacked what he described as the “new” human rights agenda.

Responding, Clinton said: “I’m guessing the LGBT activists in prison in Zimbabwe would disagree with [Mugabe] if ever given a chance to have a platform.”

Charamba however, said Mugabe does not relate to the “hallucinating” Clinton.

“The President relates to sitting Heads of State not aspiring candidates which Clinton is,” Charamba told state media.

“The President was not just speaking as Head of State for Zimbabwe. He was speaking as the African Union chair which puts him above what Clinton can ever hope to be.

“What can only surmise is that she is feeling the heat from contestation both from within her party and from the Republicans which is why arikurotomoka (hallucinating).”

Charamba said there were no prisoners arrested for being gay in Zimbabwe as claimed for the former US secretary of state.

“We have no lesbians or homosexuals in jail in this country.

“Wherever she is getting her information is a very strange place. The embassy here must help her.”

Mugabe’s anti-gay rant was also criticised by local United Nations agencies among them the UN Development Programme, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and UN Children’s Fund.

Charamba warned the organisations to know their place.

“The President was addressing the world from a UN podium. He was not addressing UN civil servants or any one agency, not even the secretary general is his interlocutor,” said Charamba.

“He (Mugabe) is speaking to the world as Head of State from a podium of an institution which Zimbabwe is State part.

“It is incongruous for employees of that institution to take the President to task. As who?

“Even if we were to grant them that status, which they do not have, out of 30 agencies only 12 signed the petition against the President. It would appear strange that 12 is larger than 18.

“Doesn’t that diminish their competence to pronounce themselves on the matter or are they gay agencies themselves?”

The UN agencies however told Charamba that the statement they signed up to was not directed at Mugabe.

“It is misapprehension to say it was in response to the President’s remarks,” said UNAIDS country director Michael Bartos.

“It was coincidence…The statement was directed to all countries and the world focusing on the need to recognise same sex people and against violation of their human rights.”


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    Mlimo 7 years ago

    When Mugabe spoke no one listened so there is no point in him attending the UN. Just a shopping trip for graceless.

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    why always rude and aggressive?

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    Charamba warned the organisations to know their place.—FOR ONCE YOU NGO’S CALL HIS BLUFF AND LET’S GET THIS OVER WITH .IN THE EYES OF AFRICA YOU ARE WEAK AND OF NO CONSEQUENCE( although you guys do all the work). THEY ON THE OTHER HAND ARE UNEDUCATED CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS WHO CARE NOT A JOT FOR THEIR PEOPLES WELLBEING OR THEIR SUFFERING — DO THE RIGHT THING — IT MAY BE PAINFUL AT FIRST BUT IT IS THE ONLY WAY– ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!And then you will hear from the president that he is only hearing of this now for the first time

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    dubbozimbo 7 years ago

    Its called free speach…google it sometime.