District chairpersons call for MP’s ouster

via District chairpersons call for MP’s ouster | The Herald September 12, 2015

Chairpersons of the six zanu-pf districts in Harare North constituency have asked the party to recall their legislator Cde Tongesai Mudambo accusing him of working against the party.

The chairpersons signed a petition against Cde Mudambo which they submitted to the party’s Harare provincial office this week.

In the petition, they said Cde Mudambo was threatening to destroy the party’s support base in the constituency before the 2018 harmonised elections.

“Since he was elected into office he has never called for any party meeting with district chairpersons and he has no kind words for zanu-pf members,” the chairpersons said.

“He is now campaigning for the People First party (an outfit made up of expelled zanu-pf members led by former Vice President Joice Mujuru).”

The districts chairpersons, who all appended their signatures to the petition, said Cde Mudambo told them that he would not stand for the party in the 2018 general elections.

They accused him of hiring police officers to arrest cooperative chairpersons labelling them land barons because they were opposed to him.

“The field impression is that we no longer trust nor cooperate with a leader of this calibre and we, therefore, ask your esteemed office to rein in the young adventurous MP before he causes more harm than good to the party,” reads the district chairpersons’ petition.

zanu-pf Harare Province’s secretary for Administration Cde George Mashavave confirmed receiving the petition.

“Yes, we received the petition and we are taking the issue to the provincial executive first for deliberations and from there we will take it to the coordinating committee where we will put our recommendations before taking the issue up,” said.

Cde Mudambo said the district chairpersons wanted to use their positions to further the interests of land barons in the constituency.

“I cannot be given a vote of no confidence by thieves and fraudsters like those chairpersons,” he said.

Cde Mudambo accused the district chairpersons of fleecing home seekers of thousands of dollars through illegal selling of residential stands.

“They own expensive cars and you wonder where they are getting that money from if they are not fleecing home seekers,” he said.