Dzamara enjoying life, says Zanu PF

via Dzamara enjoying life, says Zanu PF – New Zimbabwe 11/05/2015

THE disappearance of activist Itai Dzamara was staged by the opposition MDC-T party in a bid to drum up financial support from the West, a Zanu PF official has claimed.

“They (MDC-T) are holding him (Dzamara) somewhere safe eating sadza and matemba enjoying life,” Masvingo Zanu PF provincial chairman Paradzai Chakona told local journalists during belated World Press Freedom celebrations at the weekend.

Chakona said it was not a coincidence that Dzamara disappeared at the same time MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai was travelling to the United States.

Tsvangirai left for the US in March on a diplomatic offensive aimed at highlighting the deteriorating political and socio-economic situation in the country, the same month Dzamara was abducted.

The activist and his associates had been staging sit-ins at Harare’s Africa Unity Square calling for democratic reforms and demanding President Robert Mugabe’s resignation.

Dzamara’s disappearance was staged managed,” said Chakona.

“Tsvangirai was going to America; there are certain events that have to take place before he gets there so that he can have an issue to report on when he is there.”

International advocacy group Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Friday said the authorities appear to be doing nothing to find Dzamara.

However, Chakona defended the country’s security services.

“(The ZRP is) famous for solving the disappearance of its citizens compared to other countries in Africa as indicated by the keenness shown by the police who are doing everything in their power to find Dzamara,” he said.

The opposition MDC and critics of President Robert Mugabe’s government have blamed state security agents for Dzamara’s disappearance.


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    clemence munyukwi 7 years ago

    So if ZANU-PF knows where the MDC-T is hiding Dzamara why don’t they advise the ZRP so & he is brought back. This is a big insult to Itai’s family and all right thinking Zimbabweans

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    kalulu 7 years ago

    I wish to register my utter disgust at what Chakona is reported to have said regarding the circumstances of the abducted Itai Dzamara. What he has said when family and relatives are agonising over the disappearance of their loved one is not only uncouth but displays an extreme lack of respect for human life and compassion. Chakona how can you honestly say that when there is no evidence that he has been spotted somewhere and those charged with the task of finding him have equally displayed a near total lack of interest in finding him. If Chakona knows where Itai Dzamara why does he not inform the Police, family or the nation instead of vomiting such nonsense. I repeat what he said is totally unacceptable only bloody-thirsty and heartless people can say such things when his wife, young children and close family members are spending sleepless nights thinking about their loved family member. Chakona needs to be reminded of the shona saying which goes ‘seka urema wafa’.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

    This guy doesn’t have a heart. I cannot believe that someone can stoop so low just so that he can please Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe.

    The whole Dzamara abduction has all the hallmarks of the CIO in action and they have been doing this for years.

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    Michael 7 years ago

    This comment is utter rubbish from a ZANU-PF liar. This after someone said that Dzamara was abducted by MDC and is in Botswana. The liars at ZANU-PF has to find a way of wiggling out of their own standard procedure when it comes to disappearing and state-sponsored murder of opponents.

    Besides that it confirms that the Police is doing nothing to find Dzamara and the agony of the family members must be excrutiating.

    There is no likelihood that Dzamara will ever be found alive and justice will only prevail when the murderous regime of Mugabe is out of the way.

    The only question is – who is next on the murder list of ZANU-PF?

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    Abbie 7 years ago

    Ah, so, all that the police need is to interview Chakona so he can tell them exactly who in MDC is holding Dzamara and where he is being held. Certified idiot, this fellow.

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    Chakona – reflect and repent.

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    Polly 6 years ago

    What a heartless man u have become Mr chakoma just like your fellow ministers in the Zanu pf cabinet…believe me one day u r going to answer for all the killings of inocent lifes that u have butchered.u r just playng with our intellince here. You hv become like vempires suckng ppls blood just to stay in power no wounder u doing like this u got it from the master of killing with 35years of experience from doctor Boby himself. Mxxxm cc