Editorial Comment: Mr Van Damage, we presume

via Editorial Comment: Mr Van Damage, we presume | The Herald May 11, 2015

OLIVER Mtukudzi has a beautiful song titled Chinhambwe that advises visitors to mind their own business and not seek to brew discord in the household of the host and his/her neighbourhood.A visitor, the song counsels, must be just that, a visitor and not seek to preside over the affairs of the hosts.

Should he be conversant in Shona, we advise European Union ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Philippe Van Damme to take time to listen to Chinhambwe, and then he might know how to behave on our shores.

The EU envoy, as we report elsewhere in this issue, is reported to have caused a stir caused at a sexual and reproductive health workshop in Harare on Tuesday when he urged Zimbabwean youths to embrace homosexuality saying there was nothing wrong with such unnatural acts.

Mr Van Damme, who was speaking at the workshop hosted by the Southern Africa HIV and Aids Information Service, Mr Van Damme said culture is dynamic and the youths must embrace homosexuality.

On this one Mr Van Damme, we say thanks but no thanks.

Homosexuality is not only against the laws of nature but is also an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. It’s not accepted in any society that believes in God who, in his eternal wisdom, created Adam and Eve to procreate in perpetuity.

This is the challenge that our own President, Cde RG Mugabe has always thrown at gays and lesbians that if what they do is natural, let there be offspring from their liaisons.

We are naturally outraged that the EU envoy would seek to introduce such alien culture among our youths who are taught to be God-fearing and respect the marriage institution from an early age.

To borrow from President Mugabe, a staunch defender of the order of nature: If dogs and pigs know their mates, what does it make of us if we do no better than dogs.

For the record the President never called anyone a pig or dog but just asked where unnatural acts would place us if we can do no better than domestic animals that are below us.

To this end we urge Mr Van Damme to stick to his brief, helping to normalise relations between Harare and Brussels.

We are encouraged by the ongoing spirit of engagement but the arm that the Government extended should never be abused on the altar of political expediency.

We are a people with our own culture and beliefs that we hold dear and seek to pass on to future generations.

Let no visitor, friend or foe, try to spoil that.