Election theft

via Election theft | The Zimbabwean 5 August 2014 by Jera

In his desperation to discredit the US-Africa summit, Mugabe might find himself isolated not only from the Western donors who have abandoned his illegitimate government but also the African heads of state who stood by him in the aftermath of the July 2013 polls, despite all evidence pointing to election theft.

At an event which should really have been a performance review for Zanu (PF) – a moment to ask what they have achieved in 365 days since the stolen election – his party members could only manage to claim the country’s first Siamese twin separation as their own.

“We should be pride ourselves in the fact that during the coalition government we never managed to separate Siamese twins, and the fact that we have managed to do that as Zanu (PF) government is cause for serious pride.” – Psychology Maziwisa.


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    this Siamese twin separation was staged,it never happened., where are all the pre op photos and proof.zanu could not take credit for anything but more jobloses and dilapidation.

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    mandy 7 years ago

    Siamese twins are not the norm. In fact they are so rare an occurrence that most medical practitioners never come across them in their entire professional life that may span 45 – 50 years. To the contrary what is well known is that we have specialist eye surgeons in the country who can are just as competent as those found in faraway Singapore. In fact Dr Guramatunhu is a world renown in this regard.

    Perhaps what could lacking in the country are psychiatric specialists to handle cases like psychology.