Enduring Gracian era of political barbarism

via Enduring Gracian era of political barbarism – The Zimbabwe Independent November 20, 2015

Zanu PF rubbishes outgoing US ambassador Bruce Wharton. In fact the US has during his tenure in Harare mobilised aid and support for Zimbabwe. His approach has been low-key but persuasive.


The Zanu PF regime, however, has called his departure a case of “another failed diplomat who has sugar-coated the continued sanctions on Zimbabwe by America.

“His departure from Harare is another case of good riddance to bad rubbish just like his predecessors over the past 15 years”.

Zanu PF doesn’t seem to understand that only the US Congress can lift sanctions and their grounds for support are based squarely on improved behaviour.

“Go Bruce and never come back,” the Zanu PF mouthpiece Sunday Mail proclaims.

Foolishly at the same time the ruling party boasts the prospect of the admirable democracy that Zimbabwe is on course to attain continues to shake the very foundations of the West.

“We have discovered over time that what our enemies fear most is a Zanu PF government led by Cde Mugabe so we are going to keep it that way until their fear consumes them.”

The facile propagandist writing this rubbish is Vukani Madoda, whose column is called the Sharp Shooter. And how is this for cynicism: “Go Bruce and never come back. We will not miss you. Without Itai Dzamara you have nothing.”
So now we know.

As Herman Melville once said: “We may have civilized bodies and yet barbarous souls. We are blind to the real sights of this world; deaf to its voice; and dead to its death. And not till we know, that one grief outweighs ten thousand joys will we become what Christianity is striving to make us.”

A measure of humour in all this. Zimbabwe is planning the mass production of motor vehicles, the Herald reports.

So, a country that cannot produce enough toilet paper or tissues and thus imports that for US$1 million a month is claiming authorship of vehicles that are clearly miles apart in the planners dreams.

Muckraker is at the same time reminded of Henry Ford’s dictum to purchasers, that “you can have your car in any colour you like so long as it is black”.

Endless feuds
Then there is the amusement provided by the internecine feuding in the ruling party.

Regional loyalties have been split asunder by what used to be a coherent and powerful party.

Compounding this maladroit comedy of errors has been numerous contending parties with nothing much to recommend them.

It is sad in a way that the opposition occupies the space that should go to Zanu PF. They should be churning out policy papers and contending with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai on a range of issues. Why aren’t they doing it?

Gracedale Racecourse, Gracedale Heights, Bon Marché Gracedale, Gracedale Boutiques, Gracedale Toilets, among a host of other silly inventions — could this be coming during this era of political barbarism led by First Lady Grace Mugabe and her bootlickers?

A group of youths, obviously blindfolded by looting and being used for political expediency, have reportedly requested the renaming of Borrowdale Road to Grace Way. For whatever achievements not known to Zimbabweans, does Grace really deserve such an honour?

Who is Grace by the way? Should we constantly have to repeat that she is merely a secretary who was conferred with a fake and dubious PhD by the University of Zimbabwe last year and imposed on the people as the leader of Zanu PF’s Women’s League?

She is the also the protagonist of the bedroom coup which culminated in the ouster of former vice-president Joice Mujuru, denigrating herself in the process by spitting childish venom against perceived enemies who were accused of plotting to topple the “I want to die in office” President Robert Mugabe. What sensible thing has she ever done except worsening the livelihoods of the majority Zimbabweans who can hardly afford a decent living.

At this alarming rate of folly, it’s not shocking to find some overzealous Zanu PF opportunists requesting the hiring of technological expertise from the Far East to remodel robots to flush out Grace for Green since the mantra today is “Munhu wese kuna Amai”.

And for her lack of intelligence, Grace can even go into overdrive and suggest she be ordained, “Her Excellency, the King”.

Such levels of docility and selfishness in Zanu PF are really perplexing.

Besides, someone should enlighten the nation on the essence of the current wave of her rallies.

Zanu PF’s seasoned propagandist Tafataona Mahoso recently unleashed a tirade against a group of young turks in Zanu PF, the G40, and calling them sellouts for their incessant attack on war veterans.
“The money which the G40 are making and celebrating is centred on the US-Dollar whose many notes bear and celebrate images of North America’s war veterans and independence war heroes. The North-Americans respect and honour their own war veterans and war heroes so much that they have put images of them on their money. They will defend their war veterans as fiercely as they defend their dollar.

“In contrast, the G40 decampaign their own Zim-Dollar the same way they now decampaign our liberation war veterans,” Mahoso wrote in the Patriot.

From this, it’s undeniable the ruling party is being plagued by factional fights despite their futile denials.
At least Grace, who was surprisingly civilised in her address and nice to journalists, confirmed yesterday Zanu PF is riddled with factions. Thanks Dr Amai!

A political party in the comatose state like Zanu PF should never envision for a moment when all its activists will unite for the same cause.

Having learnt and mastered the art of plundering from its leaders, infighting and looting will not end until they are booted out of power.

Mahoso could be right on G40, but he should be reminded he has also contributed to the mess that is rocking the ruling party and the country by being one-sided in his cheap propaganda where he seems not to realise the United States and the West are not responsible for creating dictatorship ruining Zimbabwe today.

It is him and other like-minded so-called academics that are to blame for supporting tyranny instead of realising the liberation war was not fought for that but democracy and prosperity.

If he truly believes in the war vets, then he should also support what they originally fought for not this travesty and dystopia.