Europe shouldn’t tell us about women, Mugabe

via Europe shouldn’t tell us about women, Mugabe – New Zimbabwe 29/01/2015

ZIMBABWE president and soon-to-be-elected African Union chairperson, Robert Mugabe, said the representation of women in European parliaments isn’t good enough to warrant them advising Africans about the issue.

Mugabe was door-stopped by a contingent of journalists on the sidelines of a meeting by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad) at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa Thursday afternoon.

Asked about women empowerment, the theme of this year’s African Union summit, Mugabe said: “We [Africans] will talk to ourselves about women.”

He said women were not that well-represented in parliaments around Europe yet.

Rumours of ill-health
Mugabe also said women in Africa should get paid maternity leave.

Mugabe’s wife, Grace, shot to power last year after she was elected leader of Zanu-PF’s women’s wing.

She is reported to be recuperating from a medical operation in the Far East while her husband attends the AU summit in Addis this week.

Despite a resurfacing of rumours of ill-health, the 90-year-old Mugabe looked youthful and strong as he spoke to journalists this morning.

Mugabe is expected to be elected chairperson during the two-day AU assembly, which is set to start tomorrow. The chairpersonship is a rotating position held for one year.

Mugabe was seated next to SA President Jacob Zuma during the Nepad meeting, and the two were the centre of attention for photographers and cameramen as the meeting started.


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    Every time this r-sole opens his gob – he enrages me. Stupid twit was born in 1923, for God’s sake!

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      silvia 9 years ago

      IN response, women in Zimbabwe are paid during maternity leave, the rules are you take 21 days off before your due date. You then give birth and have full pay for 90 days. So our dear president should put laws in and have them enforced so all futue mothers are protected.

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      Ed Melik Esq. 9 years ago

      What President Mugabe is saying is based on the facts that the Western world is well familiar with. Before anyone in the West or its henchmen anywhere in the world should consider the position and status of women in general in their respective countries based on their country’s cultural and spiritual values. Women’s status in the West is at a most loathsome and repugnant state of affairs.

      A recent study reported by Associated Press showed: Four out of every five single American women in their 20s have had sex. One in three had lived with a man out of wedlock. One third of all these women had been pregnant at least once, and 40% of those who became pregnant had an abortion.”
      Those statistics seem to be symptomatic of the nation if not most of the Western World.
      Husbands and wives are too often unfaithful to their marriage vows. Children learn this lack of values from parents and the cycle is perpetuated. So once again we are faced with another problem unsolvable at the human level. In another report disclosing the human tragedy under the materialistic culture, the American Association for Family Services says: the disintegration of the family, which has reached an epidemic stage, tops the list of social problems. Every year more than one million persons are separated of divorced, which is seven fold higher in percentage compared with that of a century ago.
      Another report says: The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)reports that in murder cases within families, the husbands are mostly the murderers of their wives; and in 15% of family crimes the children are the victims of their parents.
      According to recent statistics released by UNESCO, 60% of the housewives in the U.S.A. and Europe feel discontented, disappointed, and miserable.
      In the U.S. 6,500 people are divorced each day, in other words well over a million each year.Recent surveys show that between 21 and 43 percent of married women in U.S. have committed adultery.Juvenile crime and violence has increased since World War II in the U.S. In 1950 1 out of 8 serious crimes were committed by youths under 18 years but in recent years the figures has soared to 2 out of every 8. Youth suicide is on the increase, children are neglected.Between 1900 and 1985 in the U.S., the divorce rate increased by 70%.Today one out of every 3 marriages (1 out of 2 in many large cities)
      ends in divorce or separation. Illegitimate births amongcertain segments of society is over 50%.The West and other non-Islamic societies continue to produce illegitimate children in great proportions. Wife-beating, run away children, parent beating, child abuse, broken marriages are rampant in such societies.The October 1985 issue of Woman’s World has disclosed the following startling facts which prove the decadence of non-Muslim societies:One in every 6 children born in U.K. in 1984 was illegitimate.- A poll conducted for woman married 5 to 15 years showed that 2 out of 5 women admitted having an extra-marital affair.- A poll at a high school for girls showed that three quarters of the girls did not want to marry at all and preferred sex without marriage.
      – The number of this year, compared to the same period last year. The Home Office disclosed that a total of 780 rapes occurred in England and Wales alone, compared to the official figure of 613 in the first half of 1984.- According to a leading psychologist of the National Children’s Home,
      one in every 5 British children suffers from sexual or physical abuse.Blaming the epidemic on the breakdown of family life, he said that the children were abused by their step-fathers or their mother’s live-in lovers.- A national survey conducted by an educational psychologist indicated that as many as 1 in every 10 adults in the U.K. were sexually abused during childhood.Still another report says: “Nine out of 12 girls in Britain are subjected to rape and kidnapping.”
      The British News Agency `Reuter’ in its dispatch of December, 3 1985,said an average of 4 children a week are killed in Britain by their parents or guardians, according to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). Saying that the problem is far more serious than anyone realizes, a spokesman for the NSPCC disclosed the horrible figure of 200 children dying each year from parental abuse and besides every two weeks a child is slain in Britain by strangers or other relatives.Council registers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland were found to list a total of 30,000 child victims of abuse, representing an increase of more than 5,000 new cases discovered in the past two
      years.The figures were revealed by Brian Roycroft, leader of the Association of Social Service Directors at a judicial inquiry into child abuse in Cleveland, Northern England. He said that the rise was even higher that 22 percent in some areas and described the situation in Cleveland as “alarming.” the numbers showed significant increases in regions where separate statistics were kept for sexual offences against children, he pointed out.
      The breakdown of family stability in Britain which has dramatically increased the numbers of unmarried mothers, of unmarried people living together and people living alone, is much to blame for these social ills.According to new figures published by the U.K. Government on Jan. 14,1988 the percentage of illegitimate births has soared from 4 percent in the 1950s to 21 percent of all births in 1986. Only Denmark with 43 percent has a higher rate in Europe.
      The statistics of social trends confirm that Britain has the highest divorce rate in Europe and nearly twice the rate in France and West Germany.Between 1979 and 1985, it was found that the proportion of people cohabiting without marriage nearly doubled. Some 15 percent of all single women between the age of 18 and 49, and including many divorced, were illicitly cohabiting in 1985.The breakdown in family life has also seen a rapid rise in people living alone. Nearly 25 percent of all households contained only one person in 1986 compared with an average 10 persons in 1951.
      The way the woman is treated in the western countries who claim to be the champions of freedom and equality is evident from the International Meeting on Women and Mass Media held at Athens, Greece, November 20. 1985.One of the participants, Petra Kelly, a member of the West German Parliament bitterly complained. “In Germany they treat us like a minority, equal to invalids, the lower strata of society and like children. They portray us pornographically and consider using violence against us as natural. Every 15 minutes one woman is a victim of rape.”
      The Meet urged the Greek Parliament to pass a law banning exploitation of women on the TV. Though criticisms of the exploitation of women is fully justified, the women of these so called advanced countries are themselves to be blamed. If women did not consent there will be no pornographic publications, sex films and nude advertisements.
      Turning to the east, we find the decadence of society, in the communist world equally shocking.
      One in four marriages ends in divorce; in cities the rate may be 50 percent. Each year 600,000 couples marry, 100,000 choose to live together without marriage and 100,000 divorce.
      Almost 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce. The divorce rate doubled between 1972 and 1982.
      About 70 percent of marriages will break up in 10 years, according to Moskovskaya Pravda. Factors involved include drunkenness, lack of money and lack of privacy.
      The UNESCO Courier stated that single-parent families are often created by women migrating to the cities and having children in a series of unstable unions. Due to alcohol abuse or the inability of
      husbands to find adequate work locally, the family breaks up and mothers and children are left in poverty. The nations with the highest percentages of illegitimate births in the world are in the Caribbean and in Central and South America.
      Although China’s divorce rate is lower than most Western nations, it has risen 70 percent in five years. The Peking Review reported that “the divorce rate” is rising dramatically.
      The divorce rate in the U.K. is the highest in Western Europe. Nearly one in seven single women age 18 to 49 lives with a man she has not married.
      Half the marriages this will probably end in divorce. Sixty percent of the children born this year will spend part of their childhood in a single-parent family.
      The divorce rate has doubled in the past 20 years. Before 1947, men were allowed to evict their wives into the streets with only a short note of divorcement. Now, about 70 percent of divorce cases are initiated by women.
      Yes Mr. Mugabe is 100% correct in telling the West to keep its filthy hands off of Africa for Africa knows where to look for its national interest and it certainly ain’t in the West!

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        Fleshy 9 years ago

        What a tirade…There is a reason why Zimbabwe is the world HIV leader…promiscuity on an unprecedented scale, child abuse and the rape of infants, no respect for the sanctity of marriage whatsoever…you mention 4 out of 5 American woman have had sex by their twenties…in Zimbabwe this figure is equal with girls in their early teens! Just admit that African culture is no less sinful than the West…the evidence is clear.

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        Truth Hurts 9 years ago

        Your argument is – appallingly – based on how you want to treat women and not how women want to be treated. You have stated that women exercising their right to file for divorce is a bad thing, among other unrelated arguments, and without citation you have quoted dubious stats (some from the 80’s!!) to back them up. If you are real man, WHICH I DOUBT, you could look facts in the face and see that rapes in South Africa alone are at over 500,000 a year. You are a truly vile human being, and you and Mugabe deserve each other.

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    Tinomunamataishe 9 years ago

    Here Mugabe goes on again on another unwarranted rant. For him everything is confrontation especially when it comes to Europe.

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      Petal 9 years ago

      Yeah ranting as usual while him and his family shop and have treatment abroad as well as send his daughter to a university abroad rant rant rant like throwing the toys out of the cradle