Ex-Daily News staffers claim sex abuse

via Ex-Daily News staffers claim sex abuse – New Zimbabwe 09/10/2015

FEMALE former Daily News reporters dismissed from work in July have made stunning revelations that they were fired from work after turning down sexual advances from their bosses.

The women are part of seven former Daily News staffers who have taken their former employer to the Constitutional Court challenging their dismissal.

A total of 24 employees were dismissed in July by the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), which also publishes The Daily News on Sunday and Weekend Post citing economic hardships that the country is going through.

The seven who worked in the editorial department are; Lizzie Mawurura, Margaret Chinowaita, Kudzai Chawafambira, Sandra Mtetwe, Lloyd Mbiba, Wendy Muperi and Albert Masaka.

“It may be a coincidence but it looks like those who were fired either turned down sexual advances or had been sexually harassed,” one of the former workers who are being represented by Harare lawyer, Tendai Biti, claims in her court application.

“If such a perception is there, the more the reason why the respondent ought to have heard us before exercising any contractual right. It is also our respectful contention that our rights to administrative justice as defined in Section 68 have been breached.”

The ex-workers added: “The provision of notice, where the right to be heard has not been provided, and where legitimate expectations are adversely affected, it is a breach of Section 68.

“In our situation, the employer terminated our contracts of employment, a total of 24 employees in all departments, to reduce expenditure and costs.

“That being the case, the employer was obliged to follow provisions of the Labour Act. The court, is thus enjoined to look at the real reason of our termination, in light of the meaning and spirit of the Labour Act.

“We therefore contend that the actions of the respondent are unlawful. On the basis of the illegality, we (seek) the setting aside of our dismissal and reinstatement into our employment.”

ANZ is yet to file its response before the Constitutional Court.