First Lady hypocrisy on US$10k from Mujuru

via First Lady hypocrisy on US$10k from Mujuru – The Zimbabwe Independent October 24, 2014

WHILE Grace Mugabe has been ranting and raving about Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s alleged involvement in corruption and accusing her of being a divisive force in Zanu PF, her hypocrisy has been exposed by the fact that she recently received a donation of US$10 000 from Mujuru to carry out her humanitarian work.

Grace recently completed a two-week countrywide tour ostensibly to thank women for nominating her to lead Zanu PF Women’s League.

During the tour, which turned out to be a succession of campaign rallies, Grace constantly attacked Mujuru with venom, accusing her of abuse of office, subversion, extortion, illicit diamond dealings, blackmail to get 10% equities in corporates and corruption. She also accused her of helping to create opposition political parties including, MDC-T and Mavambo/Dawn/Kusile, although its leader Simba Makoni said that was a “lie”.

“The person leading factions is the same person who accuses me of being involved in diamond deals, yet it is them that own a diamond mine. That person also moves around saying I want to acquire money using unscrupulous means when it is known that I started my businesses from scratch,” said Grace at a rally in Bindura last week in apparent reference to Mujuru.

However, as recent as October 4, Grace, who is patron of the Danhiko Paralympic Games, received US$10 000 from Mujuru during the games’ opening ceremony in Harare.

Social commentator Maxwell Saungweme described Grace as a “person of double-standards and a mistress of hypocrisy”.

He queried why she accepted “dirty money” from Mujuru whom she alleges to be corrupt.

Saungweme said: “She (Grace) cannot portray a picture of moral uprightness and label Mujuru as corrupt when everyone knows how she ended up dating Mugabe when (Mugabe’s late first wife) Sally was still alive and ailing.”


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    Swagman 7 years ago

    ‘Dating’, you mean screwing the
    old fa*t, yuck!

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    Petal 7 years ago

    remember the article where Disgrace claimed the caucasians were bribing her – who next ?

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


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    Stewart 7 years ago

    How can this moronic and unprincipled adulteress be called a ‘”first ‘LADY'”.

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    kennedy 7 years ago

    No wonder Margret Dongo calls her “The second lady.”
    what a Dis-Grace she is.A proverbial motor mouth who does not think before she opens her mouth.can she tell the nation who is the owner of DMC.Surely with DMC within the boundary of her new home, we do not need a rocket scientist to tell us who the largest share holder of DMC is.