Lays Criminal Charges Against Zimbabwe Partners

via Lays Criminal Charges Against Zimbabwe Partners – The Zimbabwean 29.10.2015

On Tuesday 27 October laid serious fraud and theft charges totalling in excess of $140,000 USD against a family member of our local partner in flyafrica Zimbabwe. has also suspended the Zimbabwe partner within the airline for breach of Directorial and Fiduciary duties. Further charges are anticipated.

In retaliation the Zimbabwe partner illegally and unilaterally attempted to surrender our Air Operator Certificate to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ). This raised concerns within CAAZ about the relationship between and the local partner.

We are seeking a swift solution to this and will be exploring all options as this action by our Zimbabwean partner is illegal and solely designed to damage our brand by attempting to inconvenience the travel plans of our loyal customers. We strongly believe that passengers should not be used as a pressure point in a shareholder dispute.

We anticipate that the temporary flight ban will be lifted shortly. In the interim we have sourced an alternative aircraft from one of our other partners; some operations restarted on Wednesday 28 October and we anticipate normal operations from midday today, Thursday 29 October.

This conflict is deeply troubling to us, however, we cannot allow theft on such a large scale to go unresponded. Our commitment to is absolute and our shareholders are backing us. This issue impacts flyafrica Zimbabwe – not the overall operations.

I ask for the patience and understanding of our customers over the next 24 hrs while we deal with this. ‎Sales for all flights until Friday 30 October have ceased and any passenger that we cannot get to their destination will be offered a full refund.

Adrian Hamilton-Manns, CEO,


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    this is the reasons few foreign investors want to partner the Zimbabwe indigenous. How embarrassing. Is there any indigenous Zimbabwean that isn’t a thief?

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      Collin Mackenzie 7 years ago

      Come on,how your aline ones personal greed and theft the indigestion policy.

      Let’s post comments that deal with facts and not emotions, surely now next is to say it’s Mugabe who stole 140k from flyafrica.

      Come on John flyafrica associated themselves with a bunch of lossers and hence they find themselves in this mess.

      They had greater openings better people and much more well informed people from the industry to work with and they choose to work with a bunch of lossers.

      Idigisation doesn’t mean work with crocks and people who use the presidents name and claim to be corrected.
      Business is business.

      This policy is the norm in most countries nothing new about it.

      It’s a perfect policy flyafrica need to look into themselves and most of all the people are all Zimbabweans only that one in Black based in Harare and there other one is White Based in Durban South grow up together went to school together.

      So the point is that they know each other well and let’s not make it a political agenda when crocks are are milking each other.

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      Bimbo 7 years ago

      Truth be told – I am indegenous myself but hama dzangu cannot do business, they are overwhelmed by the urge to get rich quickly, which forces them to cut corners, steal and thereby leading to collapse of their businesses before the business has gotten anywhere. Very shame stereki !!! Ndanyara.

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    Kenneth 7 years ago

    Zim won’t go far if we continue on this stupid trajectory whereby partners use political strings to short change their foreign partners….

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    psalms 58 7 years ago

    Well well well what do we have here

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      Collin Mackenzie 7 years ago

      Zim will go far if people like you stand and look and think postive.

      Stop allowing those stupid so called clever boys do injustice to the postive outlook Zim has.

      Not all is Doom and gloom like it’s made out to be the very same investors come in with very underhanded ways of doing business just for the dollars and nothing else.

      Check the Space out in the television industry we have people who claimed to connected with offshore British Faces stealing bigtime from Zim.

      Our crickets rights are sold to someone in Bangladesh,and guess who did it ….?

      They walk home stay at home while there white team mates are booked in Hotels and yet our boys are meant to perform at the highest levels and guess who’s doing that.

      Zimbabwe situation needs to be real and truth full and stop this Mugabe that and Mugabe this.

      Music teachers are being hired from Britain in those so called white schools yet they are true Zimbabwean music teachers black and white In Zimbabwe.
      So come on leave our Mugabe alone and for once report on the real underlining situation in Zimbabwe and some positive stuff.
      I get the feeling sometimes that this site is a true propaganda tabloid that seeks to bash anything and everything Mugabe and Shame,Shame,Shame on you.

      Not one Article has a postive outlook,only when a foreign white man saves or puts a jacket on a dog in winter or Ceil the daam stupid lion is killed by a white man and not even thst makes the headlines on Zimbabwe Situation, yah neh!

      Come on now! for once let’s be real who does this site really belong to ?
      And just maybe one will get to understand the narratives and agendas.

      One thing for sure a Snake can not move backwards a snake has no reverse gear and hence my dear brother’s and sister there is no going back on the land reform even if Mugabe is there or gone his legacy will continue period.

      Pitt the prevailing drought in Zimbabwe others you would of a true Zimbabwe tell the truth a tell the people that Zimbabwe has not had good rains in more than 13 bloody years right about the climate change affecting the growth of Zimbabwe and stop lying and say due to land reform Zimbabwe this and Zimbabwe that.

      Yes truth be told we do have very stupid ministers and mayor’s leading and running the state of critical affairs and need I say names the very person or people trying to postion themselves to take over own half the country and hide under fake proxy’s and the same people do not have the capacity nor the surport at grass route levels and are very lucky to be there because of the Zanu PF ticket and HE president Mugabe.

      Those so called fools are looting and take the signing national deals in they so called proxy’s.

      Leaving the ordinary Zimbabwe on Street and the Educated an skillful Zimbabweans out in the cold and they lie to the president that all is fine.

      They paint and clean the streets and take him through a carefully and we’ll planned route where there is no potholes yet a street way dirt portholes litter the street’s

      Idiot’s,greedy and real minded people are running our cities especially those MDC cities are gone gone to the dogs.

      Those young boys with a strong rual background have killed our cities.

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      Collin Mackenzie 7 years ago

      You don’t say I didn’t tell you so!

      Watch the Space those so called investor’s come into Zimbabwe an by pass every thing and aline themselves with crocks and cry foul.

      From Day one I knew it flyafrica is dirty and filthy it’s like you in a chicken bus.

      Flyafrica had totally no interests in servicing the Zimbabwe route but truth be told interested in the green paper.

      The names mentioned there in this story if followed and real investigation are done you will be shocked as to the damage they have to done in the face of a stunning opportunity with all the correct ticks in the right box.

      That airline is a smarglers airline.

      Those are not investors they don’t have an airline.
      Air Zimbabwe can just hire and service those routes just like they are starting to do now with the New Airline from Angola or even hire from Ethiopian Airway period and get those crocks out of Zimbabwe or put them in Jail.