Govt row: Min slams pro-whites Chinamasa

via Govt row: Min slams pro-whites Chinamasa – New Zimbabwe 17/09/2015

IN A sign of confusion in the cabinet linked to the bitter fights over President Robert Mugabe’s succession, war veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa has hit out at finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s pro-IMF strategy.

The outspoken Mutsvangwa further attacked “some of ministers in the cabinet (who) still think the white man is superior”.

Mutsvangwa is a key ally of vice president and succession aspirant Emmerson Mnangagwa while Chinamasa is close to the Zanu PF faction working to block a Mnangagwa presidency.

And indicating that the succession question is also impacting efforts to right the failing economy Mutsvangwa effectively accused Chinamasa of treachery by claiming the IMF which the Finance Minister is actively wooing wants to topple Mugabe.

“They (IMF) want to remove Mugabe … they want Tsvangirai to be on the helm,” Mutsvangwa told a war veterans meeting in Mutare this week.

Chinamasa has been working hard to get Zimbabwe back into the good graces of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a desperate bid to secure debt relief, new financial support and to improve the country’s battered image in the West.

He has made some progress which is why he reacted with annoyance when Mutsvangwa tried to throw spanners into the works by attacking the IMF at a meeting with a delegation from the institution last week.

Chinamasa, at the time, called his cabinet colleague to order, reminding him that Zimbabwe was not paying its debts.

“We owe countries and international financial institutions huge amounts of money, hence we should not politicize the situation,” said the treasury chief.

But Mutsvangwa hit back while addressing a provincial war veterans meeting in Mutare recently.

“Some ministers in the cabinet still think white man is superior,” he said.

“They have the mentality that whatever comes from America is number one; whatever comes from British is first.

“That’s a wrong mentality but I will stand by you. We are the brave of the brave.”

Mutsvangwa then went for the jugular, effectively accusing Chinamasa of trying to topple Mugabe by working with the IMF.

“We have nothing to do with IMF because their agenda is removing war veterans from influential positions in government,” he said.

“They want security sector reform and they want Tsvangirai to be on the helm of the government.

“They want to remove Mugabe and war veterans from power because they want access to our wealth.”

Zimbabwe’s economic salvation, Mutsvangwa stated, could only be secured through Mnangangwa’s China strategy.

“There are plans to build a new Harare city and VP Mnangagwa has met the Chinese to discuss the project,” he said.

“The matter will be soon taken to cabinet for consideration. It involves links of roads to South Africa as well as links to Beira. This means it’s a multi-billion dollar investment.

“Initially, capital will be around $5 billion which is not coming from the government but we will use our minerals as a guarantee to Chinese which President Mugabe agreed to.

“We will call the Canadians and Australians to evaluate our minerals and we pay back the Chinese using our minerals.

“The new city will generate money to pay back the debt.”


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    R Judd 7 years ago

    These guys will humiliate themselves endlessly to stay on the gravy train

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    plans to build a “new Harare city”….
    chokwadii ????????
    vari penga chaizvo !!

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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Why would you call in the Canadians and the Australians, Mutsvangwa? You are make a lot of noise about whites and then at the end you say this? Ibenzi, chairo chairo

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    Surely Zim should take a moral stand? Reject all aid and investement that comes from “whites”. That sounds like a very good idea to me!

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    But Patsy is acually a raving racist, like all his Zanoid colleagues

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    Mfana Mutswangwa or whatever….that guy will die,wanting to topple him is a noble idea.why dd he fail to groom a leader b4? yo brains are limited to his,as if he is yo god.think,no country is not dependent to another.let that devilish resist mind be away from u damnit!

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    grabmore 7 years ago

    Only a small clique of maybe 3000 Zimbabweans don’t want Mugabe out. The other 13 million do. So its not just the IMF.

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    True. But a little poison goes a long way . . .

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    Zanu madness 7 years ago

    Zanu pf is dead…The leaders r walking graves..
    mutsvanga y not call ur war vets to do the survey n evaluations.. u idiot

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    We got rid of the British for milking us only to get the Chinese to give urine in exchange. Cant you see what is happening? Zimbabwe has become an extension of China.

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    Nyoni 7 years ago

    For all that its worth,all ZanuPF dogs should die. They are simply an embarrassment to all other decent Zimbos. They ZanuPF ARE NOT ZIMBABWEANS AT ALL.Who are they truly representing. If their supporters were asked questions without fear of intimidation, I am sure they would say Pasi ne ZanuPF.

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    Adam Jones 7 years ago

    Pasi neZanu PF

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    garikayi 7 years ago

    This Chris Mutsvangwa is an idiot among idiots. He wants Canadians and Astralians to do what…. they are same same British you seem to say they are not special????? ZANU PF has Dr so and so, PHD so and so and they all cannot even evaluate how much wealth Zim has. F%$#@ng usless educated ZANUIODS.

    A new Harare?? Who the f&$#@ needs a new city when you can’t feed your big bellies nhai Chris?? You honestly think the Chinese will give you money for infrastructure development?? Dream on and on baba until uncle Bob drops f%$#@ng dead