Grace tractors: MDC-T says going to court

via Grace tractors: MDC-T says going to court – New Zimbabwe 17/11/2015

THE opposition MDC-T says it is pressing ahead with plans to stop President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, parcelling out government sourced farm machinery and other implements during Zanu PF rallies.

However, in a separate interview with Tuesday, presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, seemed to suggest the powerful Zanu PF women’s league boss may be abandoning the controversial practice during her Mashonaland East rally this Wednesday.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu, said the opposition has not baulked on its earlier threats to take legal action against the First Lady, who has in the past defended her own actions.

“We said few days ago that we are seriously considering taking legal action to have her stopped from doing that,” Gutu told

“I can assure you that that option is being pursued and legal advice has been sought and we have a team of lawyers that we consult with and it’s work in progress.”

Gutu said they were consulting with other political parties to lodge a joint court challenge that would also culminate in a motion being presented to Parliament to have Grace stopped from the practice.

“We are consulting with other interested opposition political parties and there is a real possibility that it would be a joint effort by all concerned political parties in Zimbabwe,” said the MDC-T spokesperson.

In her recent provincial rallies, the First Lady has had used the gatherings to dish out tractors, ploughs, seed as well as fertiliser and groceries to Zanu PF supporters.

Opposition groups have been quick to raise the red flag on what they feel was irregular for a non-government official to be parcelling out resources sourced at tax payers’ expense.

Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has tried in vain to defend the First Lady’s actions when he was quizzed by MDC-T MPs over the matter.

Reached for comment, Charamba refused to discuss the First Lady’s past actions while suggesting she could be in with a big surprise.

“Wait until the rally starts and see whether she parcels out (the tractors),” Charamba said.

Asked if the First Lady has had a change of heart, Charamba insisted: “Wait, it is only a day away! Why don’t you wait for a day? Will the news run away?

“I want you to wait for events so that you don’t anticipate events … she can’t carry out what has not happened. Wait for tomorrow (Wednesday).”


  • comment-avatar
    Yayano 7 years ago

    Good idea but I am sure Grace will find something else to steal and dish out at her rally.

  • comment-avatar
    zanda shumba 7 years ago

    I think MDC T should concern itself with forcing the electoral reforms rather than pursue this trivial issue. they may get successful in stopping her dishing out equipment but she may still get elected to become president under a flawed electoral system

    • comment-avatar
      Tinomunamataishe 7 years ago

      @zanda shumba, the idea is to expose the corruption that is now seen as normal. In future she will not do it. How could someone dare take government equipment and dish out at her meeting on the pretext that she is just being ‘generous’ when in fact that is equipment for the government meant to be distributed to the people of Zimbabwe irrespective of political affiliation.

    • comment-avatar
      Mbwedebwese 7 years ago

      You are spot-on shumba

  • comment-avatar
    Grabmore 7 years ago

    The issue is not about tractors being dished tomorrow, Charamba but the tractors that were dished yesterday. and the tractors are being dished to the rich but paid for by the poor. Sheme sheme