Mugabe’s eleven key offside hate comments

via Graphics: Mugabe’s eleven key offside hate comments – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 6, 2015

The government has been struggling to defend the Kalanga slur by President Robert Mugabe that has torched a storm in social media corridors. Mugabe, in an address that was captured on video, blamed “uneducated” people from Matabeleland South — Kalangas in particular — for skipping the country to South Africa where they venture into petty thieving and crime.

But this is not the first time that Mugabe has been found on the wrong side. We present here in graphic terms some of the key moments the President has angered other ethnic groups because of the slur similar to the Kalanga one the government is belittling.


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    This old donkey is so old that he doesn’t know what he is saying.
    However, he is being manipulated by the Shonas of Harare.

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    They is no such thing like that undermining other black people who makes him be a president I think he must give other people chance to look after the country because he is old enough .Please he must pull down before he took the country back to the war.