Gumbo savages faltering Mugabe

via Gumbo savages faltering Mugabe November 28, 2014

SUSPENDED former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo says his party is facing a grave leadership crisis, and Zimbabwe’s economic woes are a manifestation of that problem as the current government, led by President Robert Mugabe, has no clue on how to resolve issues affecting the majority of the people.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Zimbabwe Independent at his base in Gweru this week, Gumbo said the country has an incoherent and directionless leadership that is power-hungry.

“We have a serious leadership crisis and the whole world is aware of that. We have a leadership that is disjointed, a leadership that has no focus on how to resolve major issues. We have a leadership that is power-hungry and will do anything to subvert the will of the people,” Gumbo said.

“They want to remain leaders forever at the expense of the suffering majority. It is an unfocused leadership that is concerned with its own interests, not addressing the concerns of the people.”

Gumbo, a prominent veteran of the liberation struggle, said Mugabe (almost 91) has virtually lost control of the party as he has allowed power-hungry opportunists to push for illegal party constitutional amendments and purges to accommodate themselves.

“Mugabe has lost direction and he is being used by power hungry people. He has practically lost control of the party. He should not have allowed the First Lady to attack long-time comrades like that; and that on its own shows he is no longer in control. He has no vision. You cannot bulldoze amendments to the constitution so that it fits into what opportunists want.

“He has to respect the constitution. How can a leader who is in charge allow illegal purges of elected provincial executives like that. It means he is detached from the people. He is not the one controlling those provinces anymore and this should ring a bell that it’s time for change of leadership.”

Before his suspension Gumbo demanded that congress must resolve the succession issue next week.

A fortnight ago Gumbo was suspended from Zanu PF and since then a number of party heavyweights aligned to Mujuru have been removed. Sources said the motion was moved after Mugabe went on a tirade attacking Gumbo, whom he accused of being the architect of a plot to remove him and internal upheavals.

However, Gumbo dismissed all the suspensions and removals as illegal and uncalled- for as the party prepares for its congress which he says will be a “sham”.

“Those suspensions and removals are illegal.

They are unwarranted, they are unfair, uncalled for and they do not consider the contributions of those people to the struggle and development of this country. Zimbabweans want real issues to be resolved and not for us to remain as prisoners of fear. The succession issue is wreaking havoc with the turnaround of this economy. It cannot be ignored,” said Gumbo. See interview on Page 4.


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    joe mareza 9 years ago

    Where have you been Gumbo to lament like this today seemingly for the people of Zimbabwe? You were the untouchables with your master making cover-ups for his weaknesses, now that you out in the cold, you can now see. This confirms that power drugs or rather opiates the mind, during which period reasoning is twisted and is tipsy-turvy. Now tell us the truth sir, how has Mugabe managed to rig and deny the people of Zimbabwe their civil liberties? You were with them, they have divorced you, you are now with us, tell us all the glaring truths. I would agree with you inasmuch as I would to the story by an alligator that the crocodile’s child is sick. No doubts.
    Now that you can see, you are no longer blind, you are sharing the same fate with the ordinary zim man (only that you had amble time to loot but soon they will take all from you to exorcise you of all the riches that possessed you)share with us the madness in that party and probably how opposition parties can dislodge your former boss from the helm? I pray that Mugabe elbows out all similar blind people like the previous Gumbo, for them to come to sanity, to know the difference between simulated propaganda and reality and so that they also would clear their conscience the way Gumbo is now doing. He will die a happy man after venting off like this. I implore you all men to castigate your leader.He has always been a weak leader and unfocussed man who only thinks of his own ego using the confused sloganeering youths.

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    Sambiri VeGona! 9 years ago

    Madyira you have said it and we have been waiting for this for 34 years! Im sure you were guarding your turf but now there is nothing to guard since they have ditched you. It will take a few more fired members from your party to add their voices including Teurai Ropa and Mugabe will surely shake. Its time real Zimbabweans take control of the country. The Zhuwawo are aliens”

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    Rugare Rwaguma 9 years ago

    this is not the CDE Rugare Gumbo (RG) I know of.

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    Rodlin Mvelase 9 years ago

    Cde Gumbo what you are saying now is what visionary Zimbabweans have been saying for more than 3 decades, that Zanu puff suffers from a leadership crisis. Mugabe was never a visionary but successful duped many into hero worshipping him due to his eloquent speeches at international forums and national events. I believe as you have now seen the truth about your leader you will help with a democratic process to have leaders that have the nation at heart.

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      kalulu 9 years ago

      I totally agree with you that mugabe has never been a visionary, his focus has always been on acquiring power and sustaining it. Throughout his career as a teacher or lecturer he was never promoted, he was never a headteacher, why? he lacks leadership qualities, he cannot take oher people’s views which isa terrible and dangerousweakness. Look at how he deals with people who have divergent which differ from his or his ignorant wife. These shortcomings have created a dictator.

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    Rugare Rwapera 9 years ago

    Check who is speaking today, CDE Rugare Gumbo (CDE R.G.). chisingaperi chinoshura! Dai tumapurazi twaunatwo watorerwa. puuuu!

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    Msizeni silwelani 9 years ago

    We have been saying this since time immemorial Gumbo. Shut up we do not need your opinion. Its funny you realised it just in the last fourteen days. We lost all our investments during your tenure in zanu pf when you would defend anything disguised as people oriented. Hypocrite of highest order. Has your loot started dwindling so early such that you are panicking now? Sounds like you are scared of political oblivion. You profer no alternative, politically spent, living in the past and finally, the stupidity you used to destroy the country cannot all of a sudden be useful to patch the scars. Give us a break.

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    kelly 9 years ago

    no problem Gumbo, since u seem to have learnt at least 5% of the lesson may be u and the same minded ZANUs can go back to your humble beginnings and with the masses start building the Zimbabwe that we all spent so many years fighting for in the bush. We survived the malaria, tsetse flies, dogded bullets and not to talk of the blood of our veteran comrades and those who died waging the strugle inside our Zim. Their blood is crying from the ground over all these betrayals of our values and dignity as a nation.

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    Wilbert Mukori 9 years ago

    Rugare Gumbo should stop wittering on and on about Mugabe being corrupt and disregarding the law; we have been saying these things for decades. The idiot has his snout in the trough he did not hear or care. If he wants to be useful for once then he must tells us how Mugabe rigged last year’s elections.

    It is not the Zanu PF succession problem that is behind the economic meltdown but the fact that Zanu PF has lost legitimacy because it rigged last year’s elections. We will only have economic recovery if we restore legitimacy.

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      jongwe 9 years ago

      Nice to have you back,Wilbert,I respect your comments as I do most other contributors. we live in interesting times and next week will give us an idea as to how the future will play out….not that I’m holding my breath.–

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    Chara 9 years ago

    Mugabe did not only lost control of his party but also the control of his home.

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    Mafatshi 9 years ago

    I love these debates. I wish many Zimbabweans had access to them. Mr. Gumbo, do us a favor, now that you are enduring what many have lived in for so many years, could you work with some sane minded people in or outside of Zanu to open up the air waves. We want everyone to debate, learn and contribute to a better Zimbabwe rather than be fed propaganda all the time. Your past actions or inactions contributed to us now having a 90 year old who has lost control of the ruling party and the country. Please! Please! Search your Soul. There surely must be something you can do to turn the tide of suffering for millions of Zimbabweans.

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    Now Gumbo talks about the 90 year old he helped destroy our country. Gumbo you go to all the graves around the country and see what you and your clique have done to our people. Repent for all your sins and then apologise to all for what you have done . Even then go to hell.

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    kelly 9 years ago

    The solution is for all Zanu leadership to be eradicated whether weevils or gamatox. They have worked together to oppress the nation and ruin the economy. As a matter of fact they turned into thieves who shamelessly robbed the country and stopped at nothing to enrich themselves at the expense of the nation, from exorbitant salaries, blood diamonds, farm invasions, overseas shopping trips and mega allowances. Those complaining now are simply crying tiger tears. Do us a favour and step aside, which of course u will never do unless removed by force.

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    I also love these debates but the problem is for weeks now my blogs are not appearing????

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    Roving Ambassador. 9 years ago

    I love this . Zanu tearing itself apart. They are going to bring in learner looters to replace seasoned looters. The worst is yet to come . Buckle up for the crush landing.
    They have managed to present the budget as a none event ,which it was.
    Zanu ,clueless.
    And the MDC is still legitimatising this lot by attending parliament. My foot.

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    Go to hell gumbo

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    Gumbo you failed to understand what the workers Zctu said during the Zctu Tsvangirai regime until a resolution was taken by The Zctu to form a party Mdc. Don’t take the peoples vote for granted. You are very answer able to God. Repent God is and was watching you. So many marriages have been broken because of your poor governance, people are living in diasporas not by the desire but because of you and Zanu pf .pliz accept peoples views. Zimbabwe is loved by God we could have waged a war but Jesus loves us. You will reap what you. lt would be better if you left us occupied by white than stealing our democracy. let’s wait and see what mother is trying to do with Zimbabwe Amen.

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    wensil 9 years ago

    Gumbo the country has been rudderless for a long time now and hence things are what they are now. The problem with people like Gumbo is that when they are in Zanu PF they choose to ignore these things even though they know because they want to curry favour with Mugabe.

    The moment they are no longer part of the fold they start muttering things that are so obvious to everyone and have been obvious for years. Mugabe should have left power in the early 90s because from there the country has been in free fall.

    At the moment he is more consumed with Zanu PF and Grace than anything else and the country is no longer of any importance to him and hence the continued decay.

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    Malcolm 9 years ago

    A crooked finger points in every direction.

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    Malcolm once said “A crooked finger points in every direction” Well done people. If we try, try and try again we will succeed.

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    Gumbo is right. But he should be very close to loose all that he had gained while ZANU PF spokes person. Jonathan Moyo once left Holiday in almost in a taxi after all security details were hastely remove for speak ill of ZANU PF. ZANU PF is a mafia gang when you move out you must leave the way you came. Thus why they worship Mugabe.

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    Karikoga 9 years ago

    So, what exactly made you suddenly realize this at this point in time, nhai Rugare? And if whatever happened had not happened, would you have said this? This shows what hypocrite you are. You should not be trusted. Zimbabweans have suffered and died for very long because of the likes of you. You are the one who unprincipled and opportunistic.

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    Dzimbabwe 8 years ago

    3 Sept 2014 The Zimbabwean reports: Mugabe is Supreme, says Gumbo. The then Cde Rugare Gumbo was quoted, ”Unoda kuti ndipikise zvarehwa navakuru? Zvarehwa navakuru hazvipikiswe” (this was when the then Cde RG was asked about Grace’s ascendancy to power).

    The now Gumbo says ”Mugabe has lost direction”. Really? Barely three months? What has changed about Mugabe nhai Madyira?

    What happens to these people’s integrity when they are within Zanu PF? Fully grown men kneel down for a mere mugabe as if he was God and they compete to outdo one another in praise-showering the man who would have ”lost direction” the moment he throws them in the cold.

    Welcome to the real Zimbabwe Gumbo. Who is next?

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    Kana danga rasatani rave kutsva vana vaMWARI tinofuratira, ko zvinei nesu. Asi hanzi hatifanirwi kuvarairwa nekuti moto wacho unogona kupauka.
    Handina musha pano panyika..