Gutu: Mangoma barking at moving train

via Gutu: Mangoma barking at moving train – New Zimbabwe 02/11/2015

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu says their former deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma is like a dog barking to a moving train and should build his “little”, party and stop discrediting our “successful” movement which is the government in waiting.

Gutu was on Monday responding to Mangoma’s claims that the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC formation exaggerates issues on the human rights abuses.

”Last time we checked, Elton Mangoma had formed his own, little, struggling political party. He has no business talking about the MDC-T since he is no longer one of us,” said Gutu on Monday.

Mangoma, now the leader of the Renewal Democrats Party, said his party had no problems with traditional leaders who they used to accuse of forcing villagers to ditch the MDC-T for Zanu PF.

But Gutu said while he had respect for Mangoma his former deputy treasurer should put his effort to building his “small” party.

“He should, instead, spend his energy in building his small party,” said Gutu.

“At any rate, the train is not going to stop simply because a dog has barked.

“The MDC-T remains the biggest and most popular political party in Zimbabwe, that’s a fact,” Gutu said.

There are several reports by reputable human rights organisations which have said MDC supporters have been terrorised by Zanu PF supporters since the formation of the party in 1999.


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    ???..what if the train is old and rosting and moving at the speed of a girl child riding a trycicle, what if it is a toy train running in circles in a chlilds playroom because the batteries are running flat, and your small puppy is barking because its getting on his nerves.Do you really have to go out there and tell the whole nation why we have a problem because of that in your home.

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    Adam Jones 7 years ago

    Mangoma, Welshman and Biti (all leaders of insignificant parties) are ZANU creations. For anyone to claim that abuses against MDC supporters are exaggerated they have to be working for Zanu. If anything abuses are under reported.