Indian killer begs to be deported to Zim

via Indian killer begs to be deported to Zim – New Zimbabwe 27/10/2015

ONE of India’s most wanted criminals Chhota Rajan, who was arrested in Bali, Indonesia on Sunday, had pleaded with the police officers to deport him to Zimbabwe claiming threat to his life in India.

Bali CID officer Major Reinhard, who arrested Rajan at the airport, told India Today newspaper that the underworld don had pleaded with him to be sent to Zimbabwe and not to India.

“When we took him for interrogation, initially, he refused to accept that he was Chhota Rajan.

“He kept on flashing his passport which mentioned his name as Mohan Kumar. But, later confessed that he indeed is Chhota Rajan,” Major Reinhard said.

“There is a threat to my life in India, please take me to Zimbabwe,” the CID official quoted Rajan as saying.

Rajendra Nikalje, widely known as Chhota Rajan, has been on Interpol’s wanted list since 1995 for running a crime syndicate that engaged in extortion, arms smuggling and contract killing.

Rajan’s arrest has come at a time when the Modi government is stepping up diplomatic pressure on Pakistan to hand over his former partner and underworld boss, Dawood Ibrahim, suspected of militant links.

Dawood masterminded India’s deadliest bombings, which killed at least 250 people and wounded more than 700 in Mumbai in 1993.

It is not clear why Rajan wanted to be deported to Zimbabwe.

He, however, would have probably found it difficult to be accepted by President Robert Mugabe’s government which is keen to keep India as a partner as Harare seeks to turnaround the country’s troubled economy.

Only Monday Mugabe travelled to New Delhi to attend the third India-Africa Forum Summit.

India is emerging as one of Harare’s main partners as the Asian nation is now funding strategic projects in Zimbabwe.

Moreover, Mugabe is known to trade wanted people with strategic countries for economic gain.

A few years ago, Mugabe handed over former British army officer Simon Mann to Equatorial Guinea as a way of securing deal with the oil rich West African nation.

Mann had been arrested together with other mercenaries in Harare in 2004 where their plane had landed to load arms with which they wanted to stage a coup in Malabo against Teodoro Obiang Nguema Basogo.


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    “It is not clear why Rajan wanted to be deported to Zimbabwe.”

    It is perfectly clear to me, he wanted to go to a country where criminals walk free – think of Mwale. And where criminals run the whole country.

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    Mugarbage 7 years ago

    “engaged in extortion, arms smuggling and contract killing”
    That makes sense, Zimbabwe is the logical choice.

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    People do not be so negative. Wellcome him, and convience him to join your side, as a contract killer maybe you could benefit from his professional expirience.

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    Nyamavhuvhu 3 years ago

    becauase Zimbabwe is so beautiful.