Indigenisation laws Godly, Minister

via Indigenisation laws Godly, Minister – New Zimbabwe 20/10/2015

HARARE provincial affairs minister Miriam Chikukwa says Zanu PF’s empowerment laws are Godly and holy and those opposed to them are cursed.

Chikukwa, who was a guest speaker at the indigenisation and economic empowerment indaba hosted by the youth ministry in Harare last week, said antagonising the controversial laws was tantamount to blasphemy.

“I am surprised by some of us who say Zanu PF is demonic because it is taking back what belongs to us and I do not know which Bible they are reading,” said Chikukwa before the ululating Zanu PF crowd.

“The word of God says what you received from heaven should not be given to anyone.”

“If I am in Zimbabwe I am bigger that those who are in America because I am in my country with all my natural resources and I will be praising God for that.

“So, I am saying forward with indigenisation and those who are opposed to it God will be angry with you because you are rejecting yourself and wishing to be a foreigner.”

Chikukwa pleaded with government to monitor “some of us” (ministers) who are greedy and abuse “our” positions by grabbing state resources meant for the empowerment of “our” people.

“We are on these positions through the will of the people, let’s empower the people, let’s respect the people. Let us not abuse our positions by intimidating and humiliating people who voted for us,” she said.

“Let’s use our position to develop the nation not only for the 2018 elections but forever.”

Observers say there is no clarity on the implementation of the indigenisation laws because of continued political bickering within the ruling Zanu PF government over this investment policy.

Zanu PF factionalism has encroached into government affairs with rival groups using the empowerment law to denounce each other.

Latest clashes over the investment policy have been between President Robert Mugabe’s nephew who is the minister responsible for the youth and indigenisation Patrick Zhuwawo and Patrick Chinamasa, the finance minister.

Zhuwawo is adamant that the controversial law is sacrosanct and there is no need to revise it for whatever reason while Chinamasa, who is keen to have Zimbabwe fully accepted back into the international community, thinks otherwise.


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    IAN SMITH 7 years ago

    Tribal queen Miriam Chikukwa you are right according to tribal and zanu pf ideology.

    The colapse of zimbabwe is due to the failure to unite all citizens under God

    Who then is a citizen, totaly lost with respect to modern law.
    Nobody will invest their time or money, not in 1000 years

  • comment-avatar
    Reverend 7 years ago

    Oh my goodness`this poor woman has no idea about The Word of God! Sadly she has demonically deceived herself of what the Bible says and has no clue about the bigger picture of devastation and looting of this country by Godless people. We serve a just God but we live in an unjust world, but Gods justice will prevail.

  • comment-avatar
    Mugarbage 7 years ago

    Miriam, what a load of black simplistic bull, leave your God out of it. No honest soul will hide behind an unjust law to act as a common thief.

  • comment-avatar
    David 7 years ago

    Of course, the Ndebele people,30% of the black population, are obviously not indigenous…. Unless they lick the ZANU backside.