Jaboon threatens to take Bhasikiti’s farm

via Jaboon threatens to take Bhasikiti’s farm – The Zimbabwean 18 June 2015

It never rains but pours for former Masvingo provincial affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti after the Zanu (PF) Masvingo provincial executive resolved to take from him a citrus farm he was allocated during the land “reform” programme.

Masvingo provincial executive member, Jappy Jaboon, said that as Bhasikiti was no longer a ruling party member he would soon lose his farm .

Addressing a meeting in Mwenezi last week Jaboon said since Bhasikiti got the farm using his political muscle, he should surrender the property because he is no longer a member of the party.

The farm would be given to landless people in Mwenezi who are genuine Zanu (PF) supporters, he said. “We are just taking proper procedures to make sure that we take the farm from Bhasikiti,”said Jaboon.

“As the provincial executive we met and deliberated at length about the issue and we agreed that Bhasikiti should lose the farm,” he added. “He cannot continue to derive benefits from a farm he got from President Robert Mugabe, whom he is denigrating.”

“Very soon we will be coming to Mwenezi looking for people who want land and they will be allocated plots in Bhasikiti’s farm,” added Jaboon. The farm is in Mwenezi East constituency and produces mainly mangos and oranges.

Bhasikiti has described those who want to take his farm as foolish. He said the land reform programme was meant to benefit every Zimbabwean citizen irrespective of their political affiliation.

“I got the farm not because I belonged to Zanu (PF) but because I am a citizen of this country who deserves to get land,” he said. “It is just wishful thinking that one would just wake up one day and take the farm from me.

“Anyone wanting to take my farm would have to convince the minister of lands and then revoke my offer letter – but it is not as easy as eating,” he said.

The move by Zanu (PF) to take a farm from the former provincial affairs minister comes a few days after he was recalled from Parliament by the ruling party. The former Mwenezi east legislator has vowed to defend his seat by contesting as an independent .

Bhasikiti was expelled together with 13 others for allegedly sympathising with ousted former vice president Joyce Mujuru. He has since taken Zanu (PF) and President Mugabe to court challenging his expulsion from the party.