Jabulani Sibanda declares war on black multiple farm owners

via Jabulani Sibanda declares war on black multiple farm owners August 11, 2014 by Nqobani Ndlovu

ZIMBABWEANS should brace for more invasions of black-owned farms to correct land ownership inequalities among the majority, war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda has said.

Sibanda yesterday declared “war” on black farmers with multiple farms or big farms saying war veterans would not allow any black person to have more land than others. The combative war veterans’ leader made the remarks in response to an inquiry by our sister paper Southern Eye on whether his association had sanctioned ongoing invasions of black-owned farms.

Sibanda said war veterans had not sanctioned black-on-black farm invasions, but at the same time indicated that they would “not be colonised by other blacks”.
“I have no report of the on-going farm invasions of black-owned farms and it is difficult for me to condemn or condone them. We do not have such an operation as war veterans,” Sibanda said.

“However, this is not to say we will fold our hands and allow other blacks to have multiple farms or excess land while others have nothing. No, this we will not allow.

“We will not allow any black person to have more land than others. We will not be colonised by any other black person.

“We don’t care whether they are ministers, Zanu PF officials or have a military background because that alone is not an excuse to have more land than any other black person.”

President Robert Mugabe’s repeated calls for party officials to adhere to the one-man-one farm policy and limiting farm sizes have largely been ignored.
A number of Zanu PF ministers, officials, police and army chiefs are reported to be stubbornly clinging on to their many farms after grabbing several thousands of hectares of properties.

“This is a struggle; this is war against multiple black farm owners. Some of them have farms registered under the names of their children who are not even in the country.

“We will take such farms and redistribute them. We are against land hoarders and people who have too much land; excess land to be precise,” Sibanda said.

It was not clear if Sibanda and the other war veterans would also act against the likes of First Lady Grace Mugabe, who now owns vast tracts of land in the prime farming area of Mazowe.

Grace recently threatened Justice deputy minister Fortune Chasi for daring her to stop further grabbing more land in the area for the benefit of ordinary villagers and other farmers in the area.


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    bingo wajakata 7 years ago

    This rattling piece of garbage. Tell him to go and talk to Chombo about his multiple farms.

  • comment-avatar
    JRR56 7 years ago

    Start with the Mugabe’s and Chombo’s holdings and work through the rest of the Zanu PF thieves

  • comment-avatar
    WeMatongo 7 years ago

    Tabula rassa Jabulani makes the most profound noise. You react when asked by an empty threat. The police, army, ministers or those ZPF hawks know that you are not a war veteran for you were only 10 years when we got independence whose struggle are you fighting for. Uhi ndwango!

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    Washumba 7 years ago

    “Grace recently threatened Justice deputy minister Fortune Chasi for daring her to stop further grabbing more land in the area for the benefit of ordinary villagers and other farmers in the area.”

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    Mapingu 7 years ago

    Jabulani is a good for nothing imposter under ZANU PF leaders’ leash. It is common knowledge that the lunatic is not a war veteran, he is only abusing the title ‘war veteran’ at the behest of ZANU PF.

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    This is a ruse to allow “war veterans” to invade black owned farms where the owner is not a loyal patron of Mugabe …. Grace is safe, and may even help herself to more farms.

  • comment-avatar
    C Frizell 7 years ago

    Jeez – it must be weird, actually living in a circus?

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 7 years ago

    Dude should be in jail. Another whacked out ZANU nut job with delusions of being a human being.

  • comment-avatar
    CHEKWA C 7 years ago

    He sounds good. tinodavo minda isu.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Eagle 7 years ago

    zpf stupidity knows no bounds. How a person who pay his age could hardly be a war veteran is actually recognized as a leader of the war veterans is sheer stupidity. Its like telling people a firing skank is actually a cat. Only a fool of fools would say that and that is exactly what the whole zpf party is with regards to this lunatic sibanda. Having said that, talk of one man one farm is equally stupid and more so when it comes from president of a country. Land is a finite resource and the country’s population is infinite. One man one farm can only come from an insanely short-sighted stupid person thinking about only today and not caring about the future. Even in today’s population the notion of one man one farm is not implementable. Complaining about kids allocated farms is equally vile. A minister’s child who was allocated land when he/she was 10 years in 2000 is now 24 years and can defend his/her entitlement to the land as an adult.

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    revenger-avenger 7 years ago

    We are gonna invade the once lucrative productive farms destroyed by whore veterans and kick out imprison the jabulanis. Paso to imposters

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    Shenanigans 7 years ago

    The Jabulani “war song goes like this,”this is my rifle and this is my gun.This is for shooting and this is for fun”.Happy Heroes Day Jabu

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    Just a whole lot of hot smelly air
    Where was he when people were being evicted from their land by Grace and made to camp by the road side in a “free Zimbabwe?” Is that not oppression of one Black Man by another?
    Where are the war vets when people in Chingwizi are allocated tiny pieces of land when the likes of Baskit-case have vast amounts of land?
    Talking lots of twaddle
    Lets see Grace-less relieved of the excess land she claims to own in Mazoe

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Nawana 7 years ago

    The idiot will get himself into serious trouble with his masters who all have multiple farms. Hokoyo, tamba wakachenjera

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    Sibanda is nothing more than an evil thug used by Zanu PF to do there dirty work. He is NOT a war veteran and the fact that the war veterans association allows this imposter to be their chairman shows what a useless bunch of losers they really are. Difficult to believe that genuine war veterans who did actually fight in the Chimurenga support this idiot.

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    bruce koffe 7 years ago

    jabulani Sibanda and all the war veterans to prove a point let them invade/take over the vast tracks of land owned by Gushungo holding

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    Tongoona 7 years ago

    Jabulani if you really mean what you say, demonstrate by starting with the first family allegedly owning more than twenty farms for an orphanage, yoghurt and cheese farms and for speculation reasons. Kana uri muWar Vet chaiye zve urimurume chaiye ita tione. You toothless bulldog.

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    Straight Shooter 7 years ago

    When we talk about gukurahundis, these are some of the die-hard gukurahundis we are atlking about. It always amazes me, when some feel uncomfortable when the word gukurahundi is mentioned; and even dont want any discussion about it, because they believe the qualification of being a gukurahundi is speaking Shona. Now you have it, if ever you needed the evidence – you have a real gukurahundi in Jabulani, spreading what he knows best – Gukurahundism!!

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    pro truth 7 years ago

    Its not just the Mugabes and the Chombos that have multiple farms. Why are the chefs all so afraid of an audit? Why are they all so afraid of the law and justice? The audit and any law and justice that happens will show that the so called land reform was merely a grotesque and lawless Orwellian Animal Farm rewrite.

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    gagisa 6 years ago

    JB seems to have forgotten that whoever owns excess land simply followed in the footsteps of the gushungos,so where are you going to start,top or bottom.