Job cuts for civil servants

via Job cuts for civil servants – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 30, 2015

Zimbabwe’s finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa has revealed plans to reduce the wage bill by 40% from the current 80% as the government struggles to reduce its expenditure.

In his presentation of the Mid-term Fiscal Review in Parliament on Thursday, Chinamasa the move would free fiscal space to cover projects under the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation.

Chinamasa said revenue for 2015 would be $3,6 billion against a target of $3,99 billion. Expenditure would come down to $4 billion from $4,11 billion. He said the gap of $400 million would be financed from domestic and external sources.

He said there were some executives from parastatals who were earning above the stipulated salary of $9 000 set by Cabinet saying a Bill would be in place to ensure that Cabinet directive on salaries was enforceable.

Chinamasa removed groceries from travellers rebate saying the commodities can be obtained locally thereby boosting local industries.

He removed second hand clothing and shoes from the open general import licence adding that any future importation of second hand clothing and shoes will be liable to forfeiture and seizures.
He said tax amnesty on defaulters will be further extended by four months to October.


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    ntaba 7 years ago

    Halving the size of the civil service will ensure that the size if the bribe demanded by Zanu should now double. Logic tells us that there will be half the number of Zanu officials awarded the Zanu Bribery Franchise now? If you halve the Zanu Bribery Franchise the owners of the franchises (bestowed by the Politburo and the Central Committee) will see this as an exclusive club for “taking commissions!” We have the farms taken, we have had the savings stolen by Dr. Gono printing money, the dairy industry destroyed to create a business opportunity for Dr. Grace’s dairy, the businesses destroyed to allow South Africa to supply the day to day commodities – with a fee to Zanu who allow it of course, and now they have had to turn on themselves! Patrick Anthony Chinamasa is a genius. The external sources for cash (a few hundred million $US) will be the diaspora that remit money that Zanu needs – and Zanu exported the diaspora by beating, raping and torturing them in the first place! Zimbabwe is so blessed to have Zau.

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    You are so right, we are blessed indeed!

    Pamberi ne Zanoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      u were told long tym ago to remove sum ghost workers that u planted in the system. now its haunting yo back. thats yo own luk out!