Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere are “CIA gay gangsters” – Mliswa

via Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere are “CIA gay gangsters” – Mliswa – Nehanda Radio Sep 30 2014

HARARE – Hurungwe West MP and Zanu PF provincial chairman Temba Mliswa came out guns blazing on Monday to rubbish state media reports that insinuated he was a spy for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Mliswa used a press conference in Harare to make sensational allegations that Information Minister Jonathan Moyo, Environment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Zanu PF spin doctor Psychology Maziwisa were actually “gay gangsters” who were on the payroll of the CIA to infiltrate and destabilize Zanu PF.

Over the past few days the state media controlled by Minister Moyo, a member of the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction in Zanu PF, ran stories about Mliswa’s alleged links with “CIA operatives” attached to the US Embassy in Harare. Mliswa is thought to belong to a faction of Zanu PF led by Vice President Joice Mujuru.

The state media reports had accused Mliswa and 11 other Zanu PF MP’s of receiving development aid from the US government in return for “selling internal party information”. The 12 MP’s were even referred to as the “Dirty Dozen”.

Mliswa has however said the reports were part of attempts to tarnish their images ahead of Zanu PF’s elective congress in December.

“Moyo is more CIA agent than all of us combined; it is in his blood. Who is a CIA agent, the one who controls the fund or the one who receives . . . that is just cheap politicking being done,” Mliswa said while referring to Moyo’s past working history with the Ford Foundation in Kenya, in 1993.

Mliswa produced a printed diagram of what he claimed showed how the Ford Foundation was linked to the CIA.

He repeated claims that Moyo had stolen money from the Ford Foundation and questioned why Americans would try and impeach a president (Bill Clinton) over a sexual affair and yet forgive someone who stole their money. He claimed that the Americans had only forgiven Moyo because he was still working for them.

Mliswa also lashed out at Moyo and Kasukuwere claiming the two saw themselves as kingmakers in Zanu PF and yet “these are kings without kingdoms or castles.”

Referring to Moyo’s sexual orientation Mliswa said ”What is the point of appointing a 29 year old without a girlfriend to head the Sunday Mail?”

The question was a direct reference to Moyo’s appointment of Edmund Kudzayi as editor of the state owned Sunday Mail newspaper. Kudzayi is currently facing allegations that he set up and ran the popular Baba Jukwa Facebook page which ran perceived anti-government posts.

In June this year President Mugabe branded Moyo a “devil incarnate” while accusing him of appointing editors of state-owned newspapers who were sympathetic to the opposition. Mugabe accused Moyo of using the government-controlled newspapers to sow divisions with the ruling Zanu PF party.

Mugabe also complained that Zanu PF had been infiltrated by “weevils” (a crop pest) bent on destroying the party from within. The Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa later urged party youths in Mutare to use gamatox (a lethal pesticide) to deal with the alleged “weevils”.

Despite Mugabe’s public criticism of Moyo he has strangely kept him on as Information Minister leading some to believe the 90 year old might be gradually losing control of both the party and government and caving in to Zanu PF factional interests.

Mliswa’s press conference was over an hour long. Below are some of his key points as tweeted by @sentinelzim

*”What is the point of appointing a 29 year old without a girlfriend to head the SundayMail?” Referring to Moyo appointing Edmund Kudzayi.

*The gay gangsters are controlling the state media

*Some of you won’t write what I’m saying here to appease Prof Moyo

*There are several stories appearing. Even Nehanda Radio is more credible than our state media

*Why is Mnangagwa trusting Prof Moyo now?

*Cde Mutsvangwa is an indisciplined war veteran. He was removed as the Chinese ambassador because he had attacked the First Family.

*Time has come for the youth to stand against indisciplined war veterans like Mutsvangwa

*Parliament is not for fighting factional party issues. We have better issues to address there.

*90% of health is funded by Americans so why are we not making noise about it?

*There is no school called Chezizi in my constituency and there is no ward 20 in my constituency.

*My constituency is one of the poorest and when aid comes i accept it

*British and Americans have been here for more than 34 years why make it a problem now

*The Americans rejected my funding and referred me to the Australian Embassy

*I only met Eric Little once and we never drove together and I’m aware that he is CIA


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    Petal 8 years ago

    Mliswa will only keep his mouth shut when tape has been put across his loud mouth

  • comment-avatar
    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    What a joke the whole lot are. Thank goodness I no longer live in that country and am not really interested what happens to it but can not get enough of this site as you are always guaranteed a good laugh. As if the CIA would have any interest in any of this illiterate bunch of comedians.

  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 8 years ago

    It could be true!

  • comment-avatar
    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    @ Chimsuro What?? That they are gay or the CIA is interested in this bunch??

    • comment-avatar

      Temba Mliswa is a thug of the worst kind. He is a theif and a bully. When Zimbabwe is trully free these are the type of people that must be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law so that this kind of bulling can be rubbed off the face of Zimbabwe and never repeated again. As for his enemies they will langiush in jail together so that they can rethink what they have put this nation through.

      • comment-avatar
        Doris 8 years ago

        Too right. We know what he has done in the past. It is documentated. War vet? I don’t think so. He is a bully and a thug who doesn’t give a toss if he beats the daylights out of anybody he wants out if his way.

  • comment-avatar
    Grabmore 8 years ago

    Moyo, Kasukuwere and Mliswa…. What are we doing to fix the economy ??

    Is anyone in government even aware of what is happening ?

  • comment-avatar
    gukurahundi (GNB/jukwa) 8 years ago

    f#$K Zanu…cant believe this…Cant we read of positive news eg: morgan is the new president…asijiki

  • comment-avatar
    harmony 8 years ago

    Bullsh*t ministers and mps fully of sheeet and their so called outdated president of the republic of nonsense

  • comment-avatar

    The man whose attention they are all competing for is well beyond his sell by date. This is all nonsense dedigned to divert our attention from the perilous state of the economy and country.

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    tapiwa 8 years ago

    Here is the admittance by Mswila “Moyo is more CIA agent than all of us combined; it is in his blood.” I.e. if Moyo is say 10% CIA they are only 4.99% if Moyo is 100% CIA agent then they are at least 24.99% CIA which makes them CIA whichever way its just that Moyo get twice what they get combined.

  • comment-avatar
    tapiwa 8 years ago

    “Despite Mugabe’s public criticism of Moyo he has strangely kept him on as Information Minister leading some to believe the 90 year old might be gradually losing control of both the party and government and caving in to Zanu PF factional interests”. Is it possible that even Mugabe might be a CIA agent or someone close to him is and Moyo knows it so Mugabe is afraid that Moyo will spill the beans ? I could get a Phd for this thesis

    • comment-avatar
      Tsuro 8 years ago

      You could be right, certain whites are under the protection of Mugabe and make funny deals with him and Zanu.Look at Nikuv an Israel company working with the army and he goes to UN he hammers Israel Why has America especially Bush not taken him considering they have a base in Botswana. Surely with his loud mouth he should have gone. I am now very suspicious. The way he speaks in public about whites, e-e-e madhodha. If anyone says something similar I am telling they would have eliminated him long back. What Mugabe does in public he appears extreme anti America and white.

  • comment-avatar
    nyoni 8 years ago

    They all sellouts anyway. They have sold themselves to the highest bidder.

  • comment-avatar
    farai 8 years ago

    Never before has one individual attracted so much controversy in such a short political career. Themba is one of those unique charactors with zero social skills combined with limited intellect. His political rise is attributed to an equally challanged uncle.

  • comment-avatar

    Farai. You have a point. For a character like Muliswa to surface to the top of Zanu PF structures shows how irredeemably rotten this party has become. But then again perhaps its such vile characters that will finally drive the last nail in the coffin of this intolerably dysfunctional party.

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    Spears 8 years ago

    Yaa ndookuti chabvondokazve uku, chingoma kana choririsa choda kubvaruka. Ko iye Mliswa akapinda sei muzvoto zvavakuru? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    babylon 8 years ago

    Mugabe is a jesuit. This secret society controls the whole world. He has taken a serious vow and he will work to accomplish his duty to his masters. Unless and until the people of Zimbabwe understand Jesuits and their mission, Zims will suffer and suffer. People lets expose Bob as the evil Jesuit more than anything else

  • comment-avatar
    Mbuya Nehanda 8 years ago

    Just what I have always wished for. That you thugs wrestle each other so when Bob is gone there will be no ZANU PF left. Surely every bad thing must come to an end. Go on !! Throw punches @ each other!