Kasukuwere guns for land barons

via Kasukuwere guns for land barons – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 14, 2015

The government has combined forces with the Zimbabwe Republic Police in a crack down on illegal land barons in Harare in a move likely to lead to the arrest of several Zanu PF and council officials whose names have popped up in preliminary investigations.


Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere told NewsDay yesterday that he had met police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri and they were setting up a crack team to deal with the matter.

“I have finished meeting with the Commissioner-General of police and set up a team including the City of Harare and ministry. Our first area is Budiriro,” Kasukuwere said.

“A lot of co-operatives are building houses and they are selling land illegally.

“We want them to tell us on whose authority they did so and whose authority did they represent.

“They have to tell us under whose authority they have been collecting money.

“We have almost 20 to 30 illegal settlements that have mushroomed in Harare, but more importantly in Budiriro.”

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba also told journalists during a joint Press briefing with acting town clerk Josephine Ncube that the investigation was already underway.

“Police are appealing for information from all members of housing co-operatives who were duped by illegal land barons and settled on land unlawfully to come forward and report at their nearest police stations,” she said.

“We are advising members of the public that the police will arrest all those who defrauded members of the public for personal gain.

“All corrupt officials who were involved will also be arrested for abuse of office.”

Charamba said police would assist victims to recover the money they lost to land barons.

On Wednesday, council demolished over 100 illegal housing units in Budiriro 4 saying they had been built on land reserved for a school.

However, MDC-T councillors have accused Zanu PF of allowing the mushrooming of illegal settlements in the run-up to the 2013 harmonised elections.


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    Budiriro…! For all the people out there who understand what the word means ,it is such an irony. Anyway arresting all corrupt governnemt workers will leave us with no civil servants anymore.Then we go back to 2018 BC .or more

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    Mugarbage stinks 7 years ago

    “All corrupt officials who were involved will also be arrested for abuse of office.”

    Come on guys, seriously!!
    Go indigenise some Asian shop to display your beloved skulls when they arrive.