LATEST: “Zimbabwe not a basket case” – Chinamasa

via LATEST: “Zimbabwe not a basket case”-Chinamasa | The Herald November 21, 2014

Johannesburg – Zimbabwe has investment potential for South Africa, with a diversity of resources, Zimbabwe Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa said on Friday.

“We are not a basket case. The potential we have is enormous,” he told a business breakfast in Johannesburg hosted by Zimbabwean newspaper The Herald Business.

“We are open and ready for investment from South Africa. I believe you have a moral and business obligation to invest in your neighbour.”

Chinamasa said prosperity should be shared and Zimbabwe was looking for a “permanent relationship” with South African investors.

Zimbabwe had been “through hell” since 1998, but the worst was now over, he said.

“We are about to run, to sprint. We are looking for partners to sprint with us,” he said.

“We are not an island, we need to go back into the global economy to play our part.”

Chinamasa said Zimbabwe was looking for capital from investors, and was on the right track to ensure food security and nutrition and to eradicate poverty.

Strategies were in place to deal with the policy environment to ensure consistency, continuity, and clarity, he said.

Chinamasa said potential investors need not worry about the country’s debt.

“We are not insolvent. We have now crafted a path towards our destiny of economic growth and prosperity.”

Zimbabwe had a diversity of resources, including educated people.

Chinamasa told potential investors Zimbabwe had a huge infrastructure deficit, including roads, housing, and general infrastructure.

“This infrastructure gap is basically an opportunity for you, the investors.”

Zimbabwe had 40 types of minerals, including gold, platinum, and coal, he added.

It was important that Zimbabwe change its relationship with developed countries. It was working towards building links between various sectors, structural changes had taken place, and there was “sustained political stability”.

“The reality is we are now politically stable. The perception that you have that we don’t respect private property is not true. The land issue has been addressed.”

He said unless Zimbabwe became as prosperous as South Africa, Zimbabweans would continue to “bother” the country by crossing the border to find work.-Sapa


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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    What bullsh*t ‘China’s the Masa’ speaks!
    “Politically stable, not a basket case,
    enormous potential, ready to sprint” PLEASE!

    Zimbabwe is a basket case, yes had enormous
    ‘potential’not available through ZPF, ready to
    crawl maybe……

    Get a life, somewhere else, China-the Masa’!

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    C Frizell 8 years ago

    Agreed, total nonsense! It is Zanu that has destroyed the economy and no member can dare to say “We are NOT the ones!”

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    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Every time he opens his mouth I wonder what he really knows about real economy and the reality on the ground within the country.These lawyers are not as bright as we think because they are taught to memorize issues with no plans B or C to be flexible.
    Our education is now a laughable topic outside our borders,therefore when you talk about it as a viable resource,well informed industrialists laugh at you.A country can have a million minerals and still remain backward due to corruption and greediness.What has the minister done to stop corruption and looting?What kind of a minister takes pride in the exodus of his countrymen to a neighbouring country due to his poor way of handling the economy.
    I am surprised that the S Africans did not tell him that they do not owe us any cent but us owing them for disturbing their economic security with these unwanted economic parasites from Zimbabwe. His personal opinions about our economy really make us Zimbabweans look stupid internationally.

  • comment-avatar
    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    They are thieves-do not trust them. They will take your company that you have taken years to build. They will kill you. Their record speaks for itself. How many civilised countries in the world have had 1 ‘leader’ for 34 years? It is pathetic how they carry on. Barbaric and uncivilised!

  • comment-avatar
    SillyWho 8 years ago

    The minister sounds as though he is related to Hussein Obama. Both appear to be pathological liars, thieves, criminals and would-be (perhaps actually) dictators. For their perfidy, corruption, and malfeasance, may they land in the middle kettle of hell.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Ambassador. 8 years ago

    Zanu, just a bunch of conmen.

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    “He said unless Zimbabwe became as prosperous as South Africa, Zimbabweans would continue to “bother” the country by crossing the border to find work”.
    Bt we are always told we our e only economically empowered ppl.
    We’re also told Mandela was too “saintly” to e whites and betrayed the black ppl

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    Zimbabwe is a lawless nation. Look at what is happening. The head of the prison service, the head of the CIO, the police commissioner etc. are all being fired by Grace Mugabe who has no formal position in government.
    Zimbabwe is a one man dictatorship. Mugabe can change the rules whenever he wants to. Mugabe is driven 100% by personal motivation, so Zimbabwe is a basket case.

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    just saying 8 years ago

    What Chinamasa omits saying about deficits is that our biggest deficit is that of good, honest, competent LEADERSHIP!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 8 years ago