‘Let’s have fresh polls’

via ‘Let’s have fresh polls’ – DailyNews Live 19 August 2014 by Gift Phiri

HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has written to Sadc demanding fresh elections, claiming that last year’s polls were rigged by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF.

In a damning letter to the Troika Organ on Politics, Defence and Security of the 15-member Southern African Development Community (Sadc), Tsvangirai said a compromise to produce a government that might save Zimbabwe from further financial calamity was proving elusive.

The MDC leader’s emissaries handed the letter to the regional leaders at the two-day summit at the Victoria Falls at the weekend, as hundreds of anti-government MDC protesters began a jobs march in the capital Harare yesterday, raising fears of political instability.

The opposition party’s calls for demonstrations are appealing to poor Zimbabweans struggling with high unemployment, daily power and water cuts, a deepening liquidity crunch and deflation.

Tsvangirai’s letter claimed that the 2013 elections were rigged and that Mugabe has a fake mandate.

But Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission have rejected the claims.

“As we write to you, we are aware that Mr Mugabe, the man at the centre of the illegitimate government in Harare, is the incoming  chairperson of Sadc,” Tsvangirai’s letter says.

The MDC leader’s letter came as regional leaders handed the rotating Sadc chair to Mugabe.

Confirming that it was in a Catch-22 over Mugabe’s chairmanship, Tsvangirai’s letter was handed to the Troika not the Sadc chairman as is the norm, and to other 14 heads of State.

The opposition MDC is hoping for a solution over the disputed election and was in a quandary over plans to take the query to the Sadc, which is now chaired by Mugabe.

“It is in this respect that we hope that the Sadc Troika, to which we have addressed this letter, will take seriously our position on the developments in this country, which developments are slowly gravitating towards an inevitable implosion,” Tsvangirai’s letter says.

“We in the MDC have waited long enough for truly free and fair elections. We have great faith in Sadc as an institution and the dedication of its member states to ensure peace and good, democratic governance in our region.”

The regional bloc mediated a power-sharing deal between Mugabe and the MDC leader five years ago.

“Despite Mr Mugabe’s chairing of the regional body, we urge all member states to take into cognisance the grievous and parlous state of the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe,” Tsvangirai said in his letter.

Zimbabwe has lurched from one crisis to the next since last year’s poll and is now enduring a deepening recession. Nearly one Zimbabwean worker in five has no job.

“We in the MDC will not be looking forward to events taking care of themselves, or to expect this illegal government to take seriously their responsibility by ensuring a return to legitimacy or stemming the unfolding economic and political tide,” Tsvangirai’s letter says.

“Our Constitution, to which our colleagues in Zanu PF have no iota of respect, makes it certain that it is within the rights of citizens to engage in peaceful protests,” the letter adds.

The MDC has said it would be unfurling weekly protests until their demands are met.

“We in the MDC are drawing a line in the sand and we hereby inform our colleagues in Sadc, well in advance, that the people of Zimbabwe shall be writing their own script for an endgame to the struggle for freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe,” Tsvangirai warned.

“The multi-layered crisis in the country is stemming from the crisis of legitimacy, arising from the stolen election of July 31, 2013.

“It is a crisis that can only be resolved by a return to confidence and legitimacy, which can only happen once this country holds a truly free and fair election predicated on those reforms that Sadc itself had insisted on, before allowing the election to proceed in the absence of the same reforms.”

A key Sadc resolution at a Maputo Sadc summit held ahead of last year’s election was that the Zimbabwe government was mandated to engage the Constitutional Court to postpone the election from July 31, 2013 to enable reforms to take place.

Tsvangirai said that postponement did not happen and the country went to rushed polls in the absence of key reforms that Sadc itself had said were at the heart of the conduct for a truly free and fair election.

“As I write this letter, President Mugabe has confirmed that on-going internal elections in his own party are being rigged amid allegations of vote-buying and kidnappings,”

Tsvangirai said, referring to accusations of ballot fraud that blighted the Zanu PF Youth League vote last week.

The former prime minister said it was his belief that Sadc’s role does not begin and end with elections.

“Sadc has a role to play in this country, especially in the face of a debilitating crisis and the government’s failure to implement a national Constitution written and endorsed by millions of the country’s citizens,” Tsvangirai’s letter says.

“There was a crisis of monumental proportions when Sadc intervened in 2008 and the region cannot just watch while the situation deteriorates to yet another crisis of a similar magnitude,” Tsvangirai said.

Lieutenant-colonel Tanki Mothae, director of the Sadc Troika, told reporters in Victoria Falls ahead of the summit that regional leaders would not entertain opposition complaints.


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    over my dead body kkkkkkk kurohwa zvekare uuuuuh kwete

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    Parangeta 9 years ago

    begy, you are already dead!

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    hapana kusiri kufa. vakatibira tika zvibata bhora mberi lets vote again.kana vaka bira zve ketatu lets vote again kusvka zvanaka

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    Clemency Sibanda 9 years ago

    Sorry maningi Mr Tsvangirai if you think SADC leaders will allow themselves to be abused by you.let me remind you of the advice they rendered you and company before 2013 elections.Just because of the tea you enjoyed drinking every Monday with President Mugabe you got carried away and forgot to focuss on issues pertaining to the road map towards elections.You were not eager to team up with other stakeholders to force Zanu PF to honour the GPA. You thought you alone were the panacea to the Zimbabwean problem forgetting that you were dealing with a shrewd politician like Robert Mugabe whom you used to boast that you had cordial relationships with.Akakutambira shutu.

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      Mapingu 9 years ago

      Well said Clemency. I cant agree with you more. I thought by 2013 Tangson was mature & wise enough to realize that Mugabe was as cunning as a fox, and also that nothing good would come out of a flawed process.

      Surely, even a Grade 1 child would tell that the whole process leading to the elections was flawed; not to mention that more than 90% of stipulated key reforms had not been implemented. And if the truth be said, a good number of SADC heads of state cautioned Tangy & his MDC about entering an election without those key reforms. He ignored their wise counsel; got rigged and lost dismally. Now he wants the same people to entertain him. My foot!

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    Naison Nyereyegona 9 years ago

    Day dreamer, Tsvangirai. He should graciously wait for another crushing defeat in the 2018 elections. The letters submitted by MDC and the so called MDC renewal, copies of which were found in the dustbins at the SADC conference venue, were never attended to by anyone. The only thing Tsvangirai will succeed in doing is throwing himself in jail. His activities to cause violence will be so illegal that the authorities will soon move on him and arrest him. I can see Tsvangirai dying in jail. He is in poor health anyway and all it will take is a few weeks in jail and the poor fool is gone.

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    Mlimo 9 years ago

    Twangy has no chance what planet does he live – he has better bet of starting a French Revolution than getting anything from sadc

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    Only God almighty has a way.Gods tym is the best. Amen.

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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    He had his chance and he threw it away. No one listens now.

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    Wake up and smell the coffee Morgan! You blew you chances when you were still with GNU.

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    Bhola 9 years ago

    Morgan, you really like wasting your time dont you? You are sending letters to SADC leaders, claiming that you want fresh elections? Claiming that RGM is not the legitimate leader of the country? By the very fact that SADC gave the chairmanship to RGM means that they believe he is the legitimate leader. Even your best friend Ian Khama accepted to be the vice chairman. He is also an idiot. If he (Khama) believes that Bob is not the legitimate leader of Zim, why would he agree to deputize an illigitimate chairman?? lol.. This is a circus!

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    Ruramai 9 years ago

    Tsvangirai is naïve to the point of being nauseating. Before the election last year, SADC, through the spokesperson Lindiwe Zulu (famously referred to as a stupid street woman by Mugabe), emphasized the importance of electoral reforms. Tsvangirai ignored them but expected them not to support a Mugabe victory.

    SADC then endorsed an obviously faulty election as a way of showing Tsvangirai that they had no choice since he had ignored their advice. Now he is going back cap in hand when he is not even in government demanding new elections. Is this fellow normal?

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    Tongoona 9 years ago

    Guramatunhu unopenga zvechokwadi pamwe nemukuru wako. Akawhina akawhina. Makabirwa muripi. SADC yakagona payakati izvi hazina maturo. Inga wani Maradona akashandisa God’s hand score yacho ikaita. Sei muchida kumhanyira makumbo kuzvimba. 2018 haasi kure pfavira ngoma husiku hunoenda kure.

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    Whats the point, it will be the same result

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    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    What a loser!

    Very stupid and very silly to say the least!!

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    Percy Malunga 9 years ago

    How can you give chairmanship to a 90 year old who has outlived his usefulness on earth? This means all SADC leaders are ideots.

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    Mzingeli 9 years ago

    Where are you People from ,some People are eating once a day and they feel a pain and you have everything every day ,then Thula and stop Talking .No one can just complain when they is no need to ,if you have every thing in Harare it doesen’t mean in Hwange we does.

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    Agreed, Tsvangson blew his chances and he is guilty of participating in a flawed processs during the last elections.
    Appealing to SADC is also another howler.

    But guys, our country is burning.
    Byo is going into a meltdown situation as we speak.
    The least we should do is advise our man on the way forward.
    The man just wont lie down, we got to give that, unlike some on this forum who have given up on Zim.

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    Mzingeli 9 years ago

    Now its time for Mugabe to go home and enjoy with his Family ,Hus name is paited Bad everyday because amaganyana around you awakasuthi but then asutha nini awukwazi,go home Sir.

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    Tongoona 9 years ago

    Mzingeli I agree with you. You know what I think, the whole zpf must go home.

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    avenger/revenger 9 years ago

    Pamberi mob justice. Pasi nikuv erections. Forget about July 2008 sellouts