Live Updates: Grace Mugabe Rally in Mbare

via Live Updates: Grace Mugabe Rally in Mbare – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 19, 2015

NewsDay gives you live updates of the Grace Mugabe rally near Rufaro Stadium in Mbare where she is addressing supporters.

Xolisani Ncube

12:47: The Women’s League boss says she will tell Mugabe to build new flats for the people.

12:43: Grace challenges journalists to focus on developmental issues.

“Majournalist ekuDaily News, NewsDay, Independent ndokufarirai vana vangu. Ndoziva you can’t do without me. I’m back, Ukanzwa vakuita noise vana woziva kuti vane nzara. Vanoda havo chikafu vagofamba havo vachinyora nyora! .” (Journalists from Daily News, NewsDay, Independent I like you my children,you can’t do without me , I’m back. If you hear them making noise they are hungry, they want food so they can write stories) She says “Ndambokuudzai, munoda Zanu pF, pihwai rice mune nzara!”

12:36:Grace speaks on factionalism in the party, “There are people people who went and infiltrated the war veterans and tried to demonstrate against me.

12:26: Grace highlights the sorry state of accommodation at the Mbare hostels. She says the flats are so bad that people should not inhabit them.

“I know there are land barons who are cheating people because they are desperate. I hear they are staying 15 families in one house here in Mbare. Government should build houses for people.

“We must not give land to private people. Government has a responsibility to provide houses to the people. Council and government should provide flats for its people!,” she says

12:22: There is no sign of life at Mupedzanhamo. Gates are locked.

12:15: Grace says the event is for the Women’s League and they are doing it differently. She praises the war veterans saying she has great respect for them.

12: 11: Grace salutes Mbuya Wiza who is one of the founding members of the struggle.

12:11: The First Lady is now addressing the crowd.

11:55: Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko is absent from the event.

11:53: Grace is now being introduced by Kasukuwere.

10:27Despite forcing marching people to the rally the venue is still not full to capacity.

10:23 The women’s League women are dancing and waving placards with various praise for the First Lady.

10:20 Zanu Commissar Saviour kasukuwere is also in attendance.

10:18 The First Lady has arrived but the crowd turn out is low.


  • comment-avatar
    Tinomunamataishe 9 years ago

    It’s interesting to note that just after midday the Mupedzanhamo market was closed because of Grace’s rally in Mbare.

    My beef with this is that this is total abuse by the first family.

    Which council by-law or clause in the constitution was used to close the market just because Grace was holding a mere private meeting in the area? This meeting was a private Zanu PF women’s league meeting with nothing to do with government and therefore there was no legality in the closure of the market or any other activity for that matter.

    Are the traders in the market going to compensated for loss of business by Grace?

    Zimbabweans should not allow themselves to be abused this way. As far as I know there is no legal justification for the market traders to lose business and income just because a first lady is holding a private meeting in a nearby open field.

    People derive their livelihood from trading at these markets and now they have been short charged by Grace. I hope they do get their due compensation from her.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 9 years ago

    My area Mbare has been neglected by this regime forever. Why the interest now? Go to hell Gracious and die in hell.

  • comment-avatar
    Christ in Me 9 years ago

    Why are you even reporting about Zanu PF worse still Grace. What have she done for anybody is the death of Sally. This lady want to protect her ill gotten wealth after her hubby is gone and you are busy saluting her. Do you see this groupings as as news worthy are you serious?