Made blames veld fires on white former farmers

via Made blames veld fires on white former farmers – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 26, 2015

AGRICULTURE minister Joseph Made has sensationally claimed white former commercial farmers were behind most of the veld fires recorded in the country as they were bitter over the seizure of their farmland.


Made told stakeholders at a capacity-building workshop for members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development held in Mutare yesterday, that most of the veld fires were acts of sabotage by white former commercial farmers.

“We should look at the nature of these fires. The whole country is burning and this is now affecting even the livestock and crops. As government, we should now pay extreme attention to this,” he said.

“Is it a reason that we took away land from them? Let’s just look at this issue closely. Let’s ask ourselves questions. Are these veld fires accidental? These fires are meant to destroy agriculture and we will be viewed as total failures, a lot is happening.” Made capped off this theory by urging Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri to be more vigilant.

Muchinguri-Kashiri recently complained that environmental crimes were being treated lightly necessitating the introduction of mandatory sentences for offenders.

“Our records show that environmental crimes have been trivialised and very few custodial sentences have been given despite the fact that 72 deaths have been recorded to date,” she said.

“The ministry has started a process towards the amendment of the relevant Forest Act (Chapter 19:05 and SI 7 of 2007) to ensure that mandatory sentences are effected.”

Muchinguri-Kashiri said a committee had been set up and funds provided to monitor fire outbreaks countrywide.

“To address this scourge, the Ministry of Environment has set up a national fire committee comprising of various ministries and non-governmental organisations,” she said. “The Environmental Management Agency has already deposited $200 000 into the fund.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Marble Chinomona has accused parastals under the Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development ministry of stifling the growth of the agricultural sector.

“Another issue critical to the growth of the agricultural sector is that of promoting joint ventures and public-private sector partnerships through State-owned companies to promote the growth of the agricultural sector,” Chinomona said.

“Several parastals that fall under the Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development ministry have been underperforming and these include GMB, the Cold Storage Company and the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe.”


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    Gomogranny 5 years ago

    Those White farmers are have amazing power MR. Made! – Imagine being able to start fires when you live as far away as Zambia, Nigeria, Malawi, UK and Australia – which is where almost all our White Commercial farmers are now busy growing crops and sharing their recognized expertise in far off countries. But we are so well used to this BLAME GAME….so just keep blaming other people Mr. Made…are you sure it is just these white farmers? Could they not also have been joined in their dastardly arson plot by the filthy Breetish or even the horrible OBAMA regime change operatives? Maybe it is ALL OF THEM who are lighting these fires? SURELY IT MUST BE? Because it can NEVER EVER be a member of ZANU who lights fires. Oh NO – “we are not the one!” Even though it is our ZANU comrades who are THE experts in torching the future of our nation…With more than 15 years of experience in this torching game I would say they are quite without doubt the experts in arson. Take the log out of your eye Honoribble Minister Made!

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    former farmer 5 years ago

    And this is meant to be an intelligent minister making decisions for the good of the nation. Made, just make sure you have fire guards around the rock that seeps enough diesel to solve all the nations fuel problems.
    I fought many fires each season within our farming district and most were started by poachers or those seeking honey. eish and I didn’t even need a doctorate to fathom that out.
    Get real and understand you messed up with the commercial farmers. Apologise, restore their property rights and invite them back and then the nation will prosper and the tokoloshi will rest.

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    Yayano 5 years ago

    When will these clowns take some responsibility? Very soon they will run out of people to blame.
    Why can’t they look at themselves first before looking elsewhere. It’s their failure to plan that is causing all this.

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    Susan 5 years ago

    Veld fires happen, every year and every where. Sometimes they are deliberately started but more often it does not take much to ignite dry veld in hot weather conditions. The extent of the damage is dependent on 2 crucial factors (amongst others): (1) Whether or not proactive measures have been put in place to halt the unchecked spread of fire such as well positioned and adequate fire-guards around lands, and (2)the response of the local people to collectively deal with bush fires, wherever they are, using all reasonable techniques including back-burning, ploughing ahead of the flames, redirecting the fire, beating it out etc. Neither of the above seems to be even a remote practice of ‘the new’ farmers. To blame it on evicted white farmers is mischievous to say the least, especially recalling they had an unparalleled record of responsibly protecting the environment and collectively helping to control such disasters.

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    JRR56 5 years ago

    Some years ago when this clown was still minister of agriculture he blamed a troop of baboons for the crop failures of that year. This was after he had done a helicopter tour of the country claiming record crops that year and every year after. Without food aid over the past 15 years Zimbabweans mass starvation would have been the past and future of Zimbabweans. This is your legacy Mr Made.

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    Tjingababili 5 years ago


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    grabmore 5 years ago

    The fires are being started by a Goblin who is always in an angry mood. It is said he likes to punish all those have been stealing.

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    onelove 5 years ago

    Comrade Made….maiwe …follow the bobbejans starting fires across Zimbabwe. ..There are no white famas left yall chased them to Sadc countries and beyond to contribute to those economies……those darn bobbejans r naughty!!!!

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    Made is a pathetic morose fool who could not even make the grade of Gudeenbhoy!

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    Chidumbu 5 years ago

    Same idiot who flew over the country and said there was lots of maize, but when his lazy counterparts failed to plant he blamed the pilot who he said flew too high so he couldn’t tell the difference between the Maize and the weeds, more like the weed he was smoking.

    the idiots of Zimbabwe deserve what they get

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    Mugarbage sucks 5 years ago

    Damn, are all Zim blacks that stupid?
    This is worse then Idi Amin, and he set some high standards!

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    They don’t realise how stupid they are!

    Every time they open their mouth’s more DUMBNESS flows out.


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    grabmore 5 years ago

    Why not get in a helicopter and see who is starting all the fires, Made?

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    gonzo 5 years ago

    what a stupid wanker

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    real zimbabwean 5 years ago

    I’m really impressed with this. We don’t have to tell our children that you failed exams because relatives have cast a spell on them. Fire practices need to be monitored country wide.

    Some are burning down trees purporting to be clearing fields. Is this practice acceptable under environmental laws, and if these trees fall without being attended they will end up causing veld fire.
    I have places and photos on this.

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    You would not be suitable to look after my 5 goats –everyday you would tell me a different story as to why they are not in their kraal and you are the one being paid to look after our agriculture–(JUST GOES TO SHOW HOW STUPID YOUR BOSS IS) ALUTA CONTINUA!!!