Makoni hints at opposition coalition

via Makoni hints at opposition coalition – New Zimbabwe 01/05/2015

AN opposition coalition could in the offing after Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba Makoni told a Workers Day rally that there was agreement among four parties to work together.

Makoni, who left the ruling party to front his party ahead of the 2008 plebiscite, told a paltry crowd that attended the commemoration in Harare that the country was “under siege”.

“I am here representing four parties and their leaders: Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn which I lead, MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai, Zapu led by Dumiso Dabengwa and the NCA led by Lovemore Madhuku.

We have agreed to work together to find solutions to the problems facing our country,” Makoni said to applause. “It is important that as political leaders, workers and other social sectors we unite and fight to stop this rot”.

Makoni said it was up to Zimbabweans to arise and confront the situation head on.

“The workers, employers, the sick and the students are under siege. Even those who are ruling us are under siege and in fact the country, Zimbabwe, is under siege. We must rise up and fight,” he said.

The former finance minister said Zimbabwe was in the situation it finds itself in because of poor leadership.

“We are in this situation because of corrupt, greedy and cruel leaders who care very less about the welfare of the citizens they purport to lead,” he said. “It is time that we arise and fight; it is a generational call we cannot ignore”.

Of late Makoni, Tsvangirai and officials from Zapu and the NCA have been addressing joint press conferences on a plethora of issues including the disappearance of journalist-cum political activist Itai Dzamara as well as the issue of civil servants bonuses.

Efforts to create a grand coalition have consistently suffered a still-birth with a planned national convergence conference of opposition parties still being talked about in boardrooms, a year after it was first mooted by the MDC Renewal Team and respected clergyman Sebastian Bakare.

ZCTU president George Nkiwane said Zimbabwe has become a global embarrassment.

“We need to work together to reverse this situation because we are now embarrassed to stand by our flag when we go to international functions but we have no other home and it is incumbent upon us to create a home that we can be proud of,” said Nkiwane.


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    “I am here representing four parties and their leaders: Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn which I lead, MDC-T led by Morgan Tsvangirai, Zapu led by Dumiso Dabengwa and the NCA led by Lovemore Madhuku…..”, Simba Makoni said.

    On face value this seems good news. No doubt Zim needs a coordinated and principled coalition of genuine democratic minded forces.

    Why I can safely say that the declaration is good only on face value is: Do we really have “genuine democratic minded forces in our midst right now”? I mean people who are not at all driven by immediate individual gains by the over all good of the cause that they might not even live to see themselves. I am saying: Do we really have the Herbert Chitepos, the Josiah Tongogaras, the Wilfred Mhandas, the Edgar tekeres etc., in our current opposition personalities?

    To my knowledge we don’t. If you doubt me check when they sit round table start trading positions, and in the process like any gamblers they will be at each others’ throat & as usual zanu pf will have the last laugh.

    Remember, when Tendai & Welshman groups at some point foolishly & childishly agreed or at least proposed to a fortnightly rotation of the chairing of their so-called coalition. And, of course, don’t forget disastrous unification attempt by the same groupings. These epitomize the nature of the opposition leadership we have in the country right now – not at all ready for the long walk to freedom, simply stampeding for access to the feeding trough. And that access comes easier when you are in the front – even when you don’t have stamina to bear the heat that those in the front have to content with. Result is we have arm-chair leadership that is too timid to confront zanu pf head-on as the case should be.

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    Michael 7 years ago

    The main problem is Zimbabwe Opposition politics is that everyone wants to be the top leader – whether they have sufficient followers on the ground or not. Most of the aspirant “leaders” do not have a wide enough support base to justify their leadership role.

    Basically they are interested in their own interests first and foremost and the interest of the voters and citizenry are of secondary importance. The problem remains that that is the major concern to be addressed and self-interest should not be the basis on which the opposition is consolidated.

    The matter of fact is that Mugabe and ZANU-PF love the situation, because a United Opposition determined to exterminate the present dictatorship is not in existence. That is why the CIO and the Government-owned newspapers keep up stirring divisions in the MDC.

    It is time for the leadership of all opposition groups to unite and lead the opposition to the dictatorship on a constructive basis. Since elections are being manipulated to produce predetermined results, it is not the basis to destroy the dictatorship.

    The only way is the way is massed action by tens and hundreds of thousands of people occupying the cities and making citizens arrests of the sources of evil. The Police and Army cannot contain such a situation and when a new temporary Government is in place, free and fair elections should be held to elect a new Government. This would only be possible if the opposition is united in its purpose to destroy the vicious present dictatorship and they are joined by the ordinary people of Zimbabwe.

    The perpetrators of crimes against humanity and those who commit theft, bribery and corruption on a massive scale should also be brought to trial. All their loot should be nationalized. The loot of the Mugabe family alone would likely cover half of the total debt of the country. All money in accounts of the ZANU-PF crooks in foreign banks should be nationalized and money recovered should be used to service the debts of the country.

    The present financial disaster should be eliminated by opening the door for foreign investors and by guaranteeing the safety of their investments and properties. The present level of corruption and looting should stop and the country brought back to an even keel by policies respecting the rights of all citizens and investors.