Mangoma hits back at Rautenbach

via Mangoma hits back at Rautenbach – New Zimbabwe 25/10/2015

ZANU PF is trying to reverse the country’s independence by grabbing vast tracts of land the poor and parcelling it out to tycoons such as Green Fuel financier Billy Rautenbach, the opposition Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) party has said.

RDZ national spokesperson, Pishai Muchauya, said party leader Elton Mangoma has nothing to do with disturbances taking place in Chinyamukwakwa area, saying locals were only expressing their anger.

Rautenbach, last week accused Mongoma, energy minister in the last coalition government, of trying to sabotage his multi-million dollar project at Chisumbanje in Manicaland province.

“You cannot point at Mangoma and say he is disturbing the smooth flow of business. Rautenbach must give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar.

“Thousands of black people cannot be displaced to please one white man,” said Muchauraya.

He said the Rautenbach-financed ethanol project displaced thousands of villagers who have sought refuge in neighbouring Mozambique.

“Rautenbach has displaced over 15,000 peasant farmers who are now squatting in Mozambique with the blessings from Zanu PF.

“People are entitled to their land and they must be supported. It has nothing to do with sabotage,” said Muchauraya.

RDZ was concerned about human rights violations in Chisumbanje being perpetrated by Green Fuels under the disguise of economic development.

“You cannot displace people to make few individuals make money,” explained the party spokesman.

“If you look at the community its poor and there power in the community. If the business is to exist then locals should be engaged as full time out growers.

“We are against the idea of polluting the environment, destroying the roads and lying that the company is recruiting 4,000 people. Where are the 4,000 people working at?

“According to the  National Social Security Authority there is no such record.”

He added: “They are lying to make cheap political points.

“Everything at the plant is highly mechanised and you cannot talk of creating employment to over 4,000 villagers.

“Over 10,000 cattle have died in Chisumbanje and nothing has been done to compensate the farmers.”

Muchauraya said they were prepared to fight for people’s right, adding; “We cannot stand and watch while the country`s independence is reversed by Zanu PF through land grab.

“We are surprised that Zanu PF talks of land as empowerment yet they are the same people who grabbing away land from the poor and dishing it out to their few rich friends.”


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    Gomogranny 7 years ago

    Elton has a good point…tycoons should not be allowed to destroy the environment. However Muchauraya sounds disappointingly racist when he says ” thousands of black people cannot be displaced to please one white man” – is he suggesting that it would be ok for them to be displaced if it was “one BLACK man.”? Why does he not just remove the words black and white? The botton line is that it is not ok for thousands of people to be replaced to please one man.
    Get rid of your racism Mr. Muchauraya. This is about one tycoon looting Zimbabwe with the blessing of our government…this is not about skin colour.