MDC needs more drive, French envoy

via MDC needs more drive, French envoy – New Zimbabwe 19/04/2015

FRANCE says the MDC-T and the civil society should take their role of involving citizen in national politics more seriously and push for reforms that would in turn democratize the country.

The opposition and the civil society in Zimbabwe are synonymous with issuing press statements “condemning” the government whenever they feel it has erred instead of mobilising and taking action.

This, critics say, is a “weakness” which has led to Zanu PF’s perpetual rule and continued human rights abuses.

In an interview with French Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Laurent Delahousse, said although the country was moving towards democracy, the opposition needed to be more active.

“There is a strong opposition in Zimbabwe and this opposition was part of government until 2013. It is now in the opposition. It has to play its role as opposition; it has to play its role in Parliament.

“It has to be able to fully play its role in the communities. It has to be able to canvas and work with the people in the communities,” he said.

Ambassador Delahousse said Zimbabwe has a very “progressive” and “modern” constitution which, if fully implemented, would see the country becoming a fully-fledged democracy.

“I hope that this constitution will translate into legislation in Zimbabwe. There is a lot of Zimbabwean legislation that needs to be adapted to the constitution and I understand that the government is presenting bills to Parliament to enact that.

“I am hopeful that a fully working democracy will be implemented in Zimbabwe and the next elections will hopefully be fully democratic”.


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    Chioniso D 7 years ago

    Good observation Ambasador. If only they can hear. We have been saying this on fb but to no avail.

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