MDC-T bigwigs plot Tsvangirai ouster

via MDC-T bigwigs plot Tsvangirai ouster – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 30, 2015

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has sensationally claimed there is a fresh plot to oust him from the leadership of the party he helped found, saying some of his lieutenants were plotting a fresh congress so they could kick him out.


Tsvangirai made the revelations when he addressed party supporters in Chitungwiza on Monday, saying he had it on good authority that some of his top lieutenants were already campaigning to hold another congress, hardly a year since the last one, where they hoped to be elected as new leaders.

“When we came from our congress, we heard that others had already started campaigning for the next congress. That will not bring the desired change we want,” he said, warning that such elements would not be tolerated.

The MDC-T leader said such moves were detrimental to the main opposition party and reduced the MDC-T’s chances of dethroning Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

He said divisions were a recipe for failure, particularly in his party’s strongholds such as Chitungwiza and Bulawayo.

Tsvangirai gave the impassioned speech about divisions in party, after he came face-to-face with factionalism at the burial of Harare deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva in Wedza at the weekend, where party youths nearly came to blows in what many felt was a reflection of the never-ending feud created by the October 2014 congress.

The congress saw former MDC-T organising-secretary Nelson Chamisa losing the acrimonious battle for the party’s secretary-general post to Douglas Mwonzora.

At Muzuva’s funeral, some party activists could be seen chanting slogans supporting candidates they thought should have won at last year’s congress.

Tsvangirai on Monday seemed to confirm the feud, when he warned Chitungwiza party supporters against plotting against the leadership elected at the congress.

He said his party should put emphasis on team work and avoid individualism that leads to “perennial losses”.
The former Premier also urged his officials to encourage all their supporters to register and prepare for the next polls.


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    I feel like someone needs to hit this man with a pan on his head. Does he seriously think that his whole party is full of idiots. Its what a democratic party is, it will always have people that are planning to take over. its called succession planning and every ongoing concern has it. Anofanirwa kuti nyara isu the electorate Tsvangirai seriously, is he not capable of asking himself why people are not always trying to oust him. Being a founder does not mean that you should be the leader for life. Ngaadzivurire vamwe so that they have a shot.

    They cannot claim to be democratic, and still exhibit dictorial tendencies. Perception is something that he has to learn to appreciate

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    Tsuro 7 years ago

    Lucy-nyarara… MDC cannot have a congress every week to satisfy power hungry elements

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      @ Tsuro – I’m not saying they should have a congress every other week. they should have their house in order.

      I’m saying your leader needs to ask himself why are people not happy with him? What does he need to do to get his party united? That instead of going to a rally and telling the whole world about it, he should sit down with his top people and sort out their differences.

      The mark of a true leader is allowing talk of succession, knowing that they will be a tomorrow without him. Not everyone will agree with him, does that mean that they have to be vilified for being opposed to him ? we don’t need him to air his inhouse issues in public, apa he is creating the divisions by bringing to light things that should have been dealt with in private.

      He is not God, neither is he a king yekuti chigaro chake cannot be questioned. He is again failing to make appropriate decisions by focusing on inhouse party issues instead of toppling Zanu.

      Now is when he needs to have his party in top form because Zanu is very weak, instead his party is imploding left right and centre and instead of him to pull his team together he is busy creating more fires for himself and the party.

      @Jackson, how Biti practices democracy will not take away the bad stain of how Tsvangirai practices democracy. It will not brighten his image, he cannot afford to keep losing people at the top, especially public figures because while its easy to dismiss his treatment of 1 or 2 or 3 people that disagreed with him. If it becomes a daily occurrence then the issue is no longer those that left but rather those that remain and especially him. After all in all those that left the common denominator will only be Tsvangirai.

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    Jackson 7 years ago

    Lucy, see how far Biti practices democracy hahahaha