MDC-T members to sign contracts

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MDC-T members will now be compelled to sign binding contracts barring them from using party symbols and name after crossing the floor.


The move is meant to stem confusion during splits which have become common in the party.

According to MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe, the contracts — set to come into effect in July — would bar MDC-T members from taking the party to court over any differences.

“We are creating a database and all party members will be required to sign a contract with two binding clauses.

“The first clause says that once you cross the floor, quit or get fired, you are not allowed to use party names or symbols for a period of five years,” Bhebhe told a rally held at Simana area in Ward 20 of Silobela on Sunday.

“You can only do so after the elapse of the five-year period.

“This is a binding clause and everyone will be required to sign it agreeing to abide by its terms.”

A number of MDC formations have emerged following splits that have bedevilled the party since its formation in 2009.

In 2005, Welshman Ncube broke away from the party to lead another MDC, followed by Job Sikhala with MDC99, while former ministers in the inclusive government — Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma launched MDC Renewal, which suffered a split recently.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara was one time at loggerheads with Ncube, fighting for the control of the MDC.

Bhebhe argued the MDC-T could not be used as a platform for the launch of splinter political parties using its name and symbols, saying the clause barring members from doing so was necessary.

“The second clause says that no party member is supposed to take the organisation to court over whatever circumstances or differences,” he said.

“There are channels within the organisation of dealing with any disputes or differences and MDC members should use those and put the party name into disrepute by going to court.”

The battle for the opposition movement has spilled to the courts several times over the years as feuding groups fight for the control of the party’s finances and assets.

Bhebhe was part of the MDC led by Ncube before he returned to MDC-T.