MDC-T: No VP talks, but she’s welcome

via MDC-T: No VP talks, but she’s welcome 20/11/2014

THE MDC-T party has rejected as malicious, a story carried by the state media Thursday, suggesting it was in talks with Vice-President Joice Mujuru to join forces ahead of the 2018 elections.

In a statement on Thursday, the party’s spokesman Obert Gutu said the story by the Herald was false and malicious.

“It is a false and malicious story that gives the impression that the MDC is in talks with the Zanu PF faction led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru and that a deal had been agreed upon in terms of which President Morgan Tsvangirai will have a junior role in a unity government. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Gutu said.

“We are a popular political party that is ready to govern on its own and we take this opportunity to reiterate that we have absolutely nothing to do with the on-going vicious factional fighting taking place in Zanu PF.”

Gutu said Zanu PF had sought to rope in the MDC-T party into its “factional circus in order to divert attention away from more pressing national issues such as the collapsing economy as well as the collapsing health delivery system”.

Speaking to in an interview Thursday, Gutu however said under the MDC-T “big tent” principle, the party would welcome any patriotic Zimbabwean into its ranks.

“We will welcome any patriotic Zimbabwean who wants to see democracy and that includes Mujuru but that does not mean we are in talks with her or any other Zanu PF official. That story is unadulterated hogwash,” he said.

Under the “big tent” dictum, Tsvangirai has invited former colleagues who left the party in frustration over the years to return.

The Herald claimed Mujuru’s emissaries had met MDC-T prodigal son, Job Sikhala, for talks on how the two camps could work together.

According to the report, discussions had centred on the structure of an envisaged government that would see Mujuru claim the presidency with Tsvangirai as her Number Two.

Sikhala also denied ever engaging with Mujuru’s aides.

“The Herald is continuing on its dangerous and discredited path of writing fiction as news that is daily fed to the gullible idiots in Zanu PF. It is a story written by an individual in a drunken stupor hoping to soil other people’s images.

“The end is nigh, that is why you are seeing imaginary meetings,” Sikhala said in a post on his Facebook page.

Zanu PF has accused Mujuru of plotting to oust Mugabe at the party’s December congress, a charge she has denied.

Last week the ruling party went for the kill, accusing Mujuru of plotting to assassinate Mugabe. Mugabe’s wife, Grace, has demanded that Mujuru resigns before the key congress.


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    machakachaka 8 years ago

    Yes, we heard Joice is being lured into the MDC-T. We also hear they want her as president of Zimbabwe with my homeboy Morgan as prime minister or something of the sort. I think the party is clever, since under Joice, the name of the party will remain MDC-T(eurai).