MDC-T outshines Zanu PF in violence, survey

via MDC-T outshines Zanu PF in violence, survey 20/10/2014

THE MDC-T was fingered as the most violent party in the month of September registering 36 cases of violence against the 30 cases witnessed in Zanu PF, according to a civil rights group.

The survey was conducted by the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) which specialises in peace campaigns and monitoring.

The MDC-T, which is in the process of preparing for its elective congress later this month, has witnessed more acts of political violence than its biggest rival, Zanu PF, which is well known for using violence to settle political differences.

“The MDC-T had 36 cases as the party moved to restructure its provinces while Zanu PF had 30 cases,” ZPP said in its report released recently.

“As has been the case in the last three months, the Midlands province has the highest number of violations at 68 cases followed by Mashonaland Central at 29 incidences.

“The MDC-T had the bulk of the incidents related to mismanagement of internal party democracy with Zanu PF following closely.”

The group cited the violence which erupted during the Harare provincial elections as members fought against each other over who should be the party’s secretary-general with those backing Nelson Chamisa fighting a group that was pushing for Douglas Mwonzora to take over from Tendai Biti.

In the report, the ZPP said that politically motivated violence has remained low compared to hate speech among Zanu PF members who are preparing to hold an explosive congress in December.

Zanu PF is divided into two rival groups led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Mujuru faction has popularised a slogan “Pasi nemaweevils” (down with weevils), a statement said to be targeted at the Mnangagwa camp while the rival group uses the slogan, Pasi negamatox, a dangerous pesticide used to kill pests.


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    Joe allen 6 years ago

    Without condoning violence, these surveys should look at the bigger picture. Zanu is not only violent, they kill as well, they kidnap they arrest victims of violence, they torture, they rape, they stage-manage accidents, they starve villagers who do not support them. They have done this since the gukurahundi era. To suggest that MDC is more violent than Zanu is nonsensical. 30 or 36 is neither here nor there. Violence is violence and it should not happen.

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    Unless the 20000 killed during Gukurahundi are not people, then I can say yes.Unless 2000 killed during the 2008 prior and post election were not people then I can say yes.This is a shameful attempt to cleanse ZANU PF of its barbaric killings and inhumane treatment to innocent sous.ZANU PF ‘s violence is well structured.It includes emotional violence, people neglected and used like pawns.Unless we have writers who write for the greater good and search for the truth, then we become a nation of bootlickers.Where was the research done and by who?
    The naked truth is that Renewal team is going to be meaningless like dew in the morning.
    Its sad to see that everyone is hungry and writes for handouts.When the messenger tells a wrong message knowingly, he is equally guilty

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    Are you telling the people 20000 plus killed in Gukurahundi were not people? This is a shameful attempt by hungry wriers to get handouts from ZANU PF.Everyone even Mugabe knows that ZANU is for violence and nothing drives and unifies it besides violence.Once in it you kill or get killed.All old people do not fear the Smith regime, they fear ZANU way of killing which they witnessed during liberation struggle.People were butchered accused of being witches.In a village in Masvingo Nyajena, guerrillas killed innocent teachers,burned them .It is still traumatising in the village of Machimbira.And now , someone barks saying ZANU violence is less than MDC.

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    Mandevu 6 years ago

    it never stops

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    The problem with some Zimbabweans is while some are talking about the now they are talking about yesterday. That being the case I find it difficult if not impossible for the country to move forwards. Where in the world have you ever seen people moving backwards making much progress?

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    Mukanya 6 years ago

    Who ever carried out the SURVEY is a master RIGGER

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    Bruce 6 years ago

    I do not recall any month to month violence statistics being published for political parties. Hence this comparison is questionable especially on its objective and motive. I agree that there are documented cases of violence of commited by ZANU PF or in the name of it. During the war girls were raped and no one ever spoke about that. People were killed alleged to be witches or sellouts and no statistics were published. Entumbane violence was never published interms of ZAPU and ZANU PF being more or less violent. When soldiers killed more than twenty thousand people in Matebeleland, no one issued a barometer of violence ZANU PF against ZAPU. During the days of ZUM many teachers left their post of duty at the hands of ZANU PF, no one issued any statistics of ZUM and ZANU PF. From 1999 to present except this September 2014, ZANU PF and CIO ZRP killed and burnt peopel beyond recognition, no one ever dare to issue statistics of violence ZANU PF against the civilians. WHY this one. Who ever issued this article needs farm or some cash from ZANU PF. You may be a researcher but your research lack credibility.

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    impossible this is ZANU sponsored propaganda,i don’t any Party on earth will ever match ZANU baberism

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    There is too much infiltration in all the opposition of people that were ex Zanu and ex CIO. It is no surprise that violence is not choosing any particular Party. What we all know is that someone once said they had a degree in violence.