MDC-T tells Chihuri to join Zanu PF

via MDC-T tells Chihuri to join Zanu PF – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 5, 2015

Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has come under fire for revealing how law enforcement agents played a key role in stopping “regime change attempts” by the MDC-T.


The main opposition party yesterday urged the police chief to resign and join Zanu PF as its political commissar.

Chihuri told participants at the graduation ceremony at the Mt Carmel Institute of Business Intelligence in Harare on Saturday after he was conferred with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree that he played a key role in blocking alleged attempts by the MDC-T to topple the government.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said Chihuri should choose between being a politician and a professional public servant.

“As the MDC, we would like to express our utter disgust at the shocking, reckless and unlawful utterances by Chihuri. He is acting and speaking more like a Zanu PF political commissar rather than the country’s top cop,” Gutu said.

“With police officers in the mould of one Chihuri, Zimbabwe will remain trapped in a cul-de-sac (dead end) of political intolerance, fascist dementia and Stalinist retrogression.

“Chihuri is not fit even to be a constable in the ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police). He should immediately resign from the police force and join the Zanu PF commissariat department.”

Chihuri all but confirmed the long-held suspicion of police partisanship in dealing with the opposition alleging that the opposition was trying to use violence to unseat Zanu PF, but said police managed to keep it “at its minimum.”

“The Western-funded opposition parties wanted to cause chaos in the country and this needed a ZRP that was firm and the force kept violence at its minimum,” Chihuri said.

“There was an illegal regime change agenda and policing under the inclusive government was neither easy,” Chihuri said without elaborating.