MDC Urges Zim Government To Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty

via MDC Urges Zimbabwe Government To Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty To End Violence | The Zimbabwean 15 July 2014

Zimbabwe has an unknown number of illegal firearms. The regular incidences of armed violence and robberies, sometimes involving deadly clashes between law enforcement agents and criminals are ample proof of this.

Several recent episodes of political violence by Zanu PF militias armed by the state also illustrate this. Evidence shows that Zimbabwe is not taking significant steps to get rid of illegal firearms. The country is also not doing enough to ensure that legally-registered ones are not used to commit crime or to violate human rights. Weak regulation of authorised firearm possession, theft, loss and corrupt sales from official holdings are a major cause for concern . The country’s porous borders also provide fertile opportunities for black market and illicit weapons traffickers.

Zimbabwe has not made any move to sign the 2013 United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (A.T.T.) This is despite the fact that Zimbabwe is an importer and supplier of firearms. Signing the A.T.T. would provide a framework and resources for the country to begin to regulate and take stock of its weapons market. Accountability, registration of weapons and tracking their movements are a hallmark of this treaty. It also requires weapons suppliers to ensure that their supplies are not used to violate human rights in the recipient country.

It is in this context that the MDC calls upon the government of Zimbabwe to sign and ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty. It is a necessary guarantee that weapons provided to the state by international suppliers are not used to commit violations against civilians.

Thank you.

Issued by Honourable Senator Lilian Timveos, Alternative Minister and MDC Spokesperson for Home Affairs.


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    todii zvazvo 10 years ago

    And u think they will sign that treaty, when they are busy piling their own guns in case Tsvangirai one day wins elections
    Or use them against each other if Mugabe does not name a successor when he dies in office

    • comment-avatar
      publicprotector 10 years ago

      You are dreaming or taking drugs Tsvangerai is in the past he will never win an election – who on earth would vote for such a loser.

      • comment-avatar
        Ngoto Zimbwa 10 years ago

        You got your head stuck so far up bobo’s backside you can’t see whats happening in the country.
        ZANU is reviled, period.

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    publicprotector 10 years ago

    Very suspicious article.
    MDC has lots of illegal weapons stashed away.
    Why would they promote something like this, what are they up to.
    ZANU don’t need illegal weapons, they are in government with a majority vote.

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    wanas 10 years ago

    i ndnt thnk they will sign ths treaty