Minister in corruption, robbery storm

via Minister in corruption, robbery storm | The Zimbabwean 5 August 2014

Sources told The Zimbabwean that the NP300 truck was one of six vehicles the ministry received last year to assist operations under the $73 million School Improvement Grant (SIG).

A pilot SIG project was carried out in Goromonzi last year and a national rollout of the programme, whose funds are managed by Unicef, was supposed to commence in January this year but only took off in May.

Sources privy to the SIG programme said Dokora, who is also Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament for Rushinga in Mashonaland Central province, wrested control of the vehicle immediately after the fleet was dispatched to his ministry.

“He took the vehicle to Rushinga where it was kept under the custody of a private driver and used to run political errands. This benefited Rushinga constituency and Dokora as the MP, not the schools that are supposed to be the beneficiaries,” said one of the sources.

The donated fleet included a Toyota Prado, a Toyota Landcruiser, a Toyota Corolla and three NP300 trucks. The Prado is reportedly being used by the ministry’s principal director, Rodgers Sisimayi, while the all-terrain Landcruiser is running errands as a pool car under the SIG programme.

The cars are also supposed to be used in a separate but related programme, the Education Management Information System (EMIS), which is meant to manage information for the betterment of service delivery in primary and secondary schools.

Dokora’s deputy, Larry Mavhima, is said to have personal control of one of the NP300 trucks and the remaining one is also a pool car, together with the Corolla.

The minister’s driver, said the sources, was waylaid by armed robbers in Rushinga two Thursdays ago. They ordered him out of the car and sped away. The car, with no number plates attached, was then reportedly used to carry out a spate of robberies in and outside the constituency.

The robbers got wind that police were tracking them and fled to Mashonaland Central where, in an apparent attempt to destroy evidence, they burnt the car.

“The engine house was burnt but the fire did not extend to rest of the car. So far, no headway has been made to arrest the robbers even though the driver (whose name could not be established) is helping with investigations,” said a source.

The ministry has now retrieved the truck, which was towed to the Education Service Centre located at the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec) premises in Mount Pleasant, Harare.

The Zimbabwean visited the premises where guards confirmed the vehicle had arrived a few days before and found the charred truck wrapped in a tent, apparently to evade public notice.

Dokora is said to have barred staff working under SIG—some of whom are civil servants—from drawing full-time salaries under the initiative, even though a budget was approved for their remuneration and other project allowances.

The project currently employs more than 15 people, among them data capturers, monitoring and evaluation officers, coordinators, an accountant and an IT officer.

Spirited attempts to get Dokora’s comments for more than two weeks were fruitless. A request for an interview was referred this publication to his public relations officer, one Zumbo, who promised to arrange a meeting with the minister but thereafter did not answer his phone.

Dokora has angered school teachers for radical changes he introduced after being sworn in as a cabinet minister late last year, among them banning cash incentives that they were receiving to offset low salaries.

Police spokesperson, Charity Charamba, and her subordinate, Paul Nyathi were not answering their phones.


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    Chaka 10 years ago

    The usual with zpf. We wait to witness the samd with EU funding.

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    revenger-avenger 10 years ago

    You get what you vote for. She is safe untouchable. No wonder robber mugarbage wasn’t invited to USA summit !!!!!!?

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    disgrace 10 years ago

    Ayiwa vanhuwe vanhu veZanu marara manje so Unicef inotii. Dokora urizibenzi remunhu.Its a shame to have such a fool incharge of education. Why can’t these people do the right thing. Vanhu ava vanemotikare ngani.

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    Shamhu YeNhanzva 10 years ago

    Imagine how prosperous our country would be without all this looting & corruption. They are not even ashamed to steal aid money.

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    Petal 10 years ago

    What do they do with the money they earn they do not seem satisfied with it

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    MPOFU 10 years ago

    KKKKKKKK Dokora are you Dofora you are such an embarrassment to our party for such petty loot Kkkkkk. Be like big brother Mina OBieee.

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    What is wrong with these people!!! They don’t have a decent bone in their overweight bodies!! God, deliver us from this evil!

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    Tafirenyika Makumbe. 10 years ago

    No comments. Thank you!

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    dongondarimwe 10 years ago

    endaiwo kuhondo musunungurewo yenyu zimbabwe yedu takasunungura saka regai tidye zvese zvirimairi nekuti ndeyedu. or go hang ndezenyu izozo.tseki

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    JRR56 10 years ago

    Maybe someone should inform Obama where his SIG funding is going while he courts the African heads in Washington.

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    Don Cox 10 years ago

    And the UNICEF money is not just printed. It comes out of the pockets of tax payers around the world.

    It is hard to see why people should be working and paying taxes for the benefit of crooked Zim politicians.

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    JOHNSON 10 years ago


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    Straight Shooter 10 years ago

    Then they shout sanctions have destroyed the country!!

    These are pieces of human shiit, if you ask me!!

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    ngwalongwalo 10 years ago

    I am not sure if God will really have mercy on this country and its people