Mliswa appeals to Mnangagwa

via Mliswa appeals to Mnangagwa – New Zimbabwe 18/04/2015

OUSTED Zanu PF chair for Mashonaland West Temba Mliswa has written to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa seeking his protection against a top Zanu PF official he says connived with his “equally powerful” wife to have him jailed.

Mliswa told in an exclusive interview at the weekend that deputy home affairs minister Ziyambi Ziyambi was using the police to harass him while also denying him protection from the same police.

He also said the Zanu PF acting Mashonaland West provincial chair has agreed with his wife, Florence Ziyambi, to make certain he was convicted for various alleged offences brought against him.

Florence is the country’s national director of public prosecutions.

“There is a standing instruction that l must never be given bail whenever l am arrested; so he (Ziyambi) is the one who orders the police to arrest me,” Mliswa said, adding, “So equally, the wife has been instructed that l must never get bail and this has always been the case.”

The fiery politician was in February this year expelled from Zanu PF and as party MP for Hurungwe West. This was on the back of another expulsion as party chair for the province late last year.

Mliswa was last week arrested and kept in police custody over two days when he and his campaign team allegedly strayed within 500 metres of a Zanu PF meeting which police claim amounted to disrupting the gathering.

The embattled businessman said police have also refused to help him recover a car seized from him by militant Zanu PF supporters who were now using it as to campaign for a rival candidate in the June 10 Hurungwe West by-election.

Mliswa, who is among some nine party provincial chairs booted out last November for aligning with ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru, is battling to recover the seat as an independent candidate.

After a series of misfortunes at the hands of vindictive Zanu PF loyalists and the police, Mliswa said he had turned to Mnangagwa for protection.

“I have written a number of letters pertaining to that,” he said. “Of late, l have written to the honourable Vice President Mnangagwa that l don’t understand.

“They have a car of mine that was stolen and is being used by one of the guys who is using it in the campaign for Zanu PF. He and Ziyambi ordered the car to be released to this young man.

“I have raised a complaint with him on the abuse of Ziyambi’s office and that of his wife.

“I equally wrote to the anti-corruption commission but the anti-corruption is none existent now. I have all that correspondence.”

Both Ziyambi and his wife could not be reached for comment while Mnangagwa had not yet responded to the complaints.

Mnangagwa is seen as having virtually taken control of Zanu PF following the expulsion of bitter rival Joice Mujuru.