Mnangagwa takeover bid exposed

via Mnangagwa takeover bid exposed | The Zimbabwean 17 September 2014

Emmerson Mnangagwa has devised a strategy to assume the presidency from President Robert Mugabe by February next year, senior intelligence sources have revealed.

Mnangagwa and his inner circle of strategists were working on the assumption that he would push out vice President Joice Mujuru, his bitter succession rival, at the Zanu (PF) congress in December, Central Intellingence Organisation (CIO) sources privy to the plot told The Zimbabwean.

“The basic strategy is to ensure that Mujuru is removed from her position as First Vice President and replaced by Mnangagwa. Even though he has not made his plan known publicly, Mnangagwa will compete for one of the two VP (vice president’s) posts. He seems convinced that he will succeed in that regard,” said one of the CIO operatives.

Even though Mugabe earlier this year hinted that neither of the two competitors was guaranteed to succeed him, the sources said Mnangagwa felt his chances to beat Mujuru to the presidency were bolstered by Grace Mugabe’s recent entry into mainstream Zanu (PF) politics.

Grace is set to become the boss of the powerful Women’s League after being endorsed by key party organs and affiliated institutions such as the traditional leadership. Her elevation has been attributed to manouevres by the Mnangagwa faction.

The highly placed source said Mugabe seemed to be increasingly inclined towards the Mnangagwa camp as the succession battle intensifies. “While chances of Mnangagwa to win still seem slim, there is always room for a surprise, especially if the First Lady manages to persuade HE to back him instead of Mai Mujuru. In any case, there is no love lost between Mai Mujuru and the First Lady,” he added.

The source speculated that the other VP post would go to a candidate from the former (PF) Zapu where Kembo Mohadi has already thrown his hat into the ring -even though some insist that current national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo must take the post.

Another intelligence source said Mnangagwa was working closely with Saviour Kasukuwere on the strategy. If Mnangagwa beats Mujuru, said the contact, he would then persuade Grace to talk her husband into handing over the presidency by February 2015.

“If all goes according to their plan, HE will announce his retirement as the Head of State at his birthday next year. This would clear the way for Mnangagwa to take over from him as the immediate deputy. That would be a way of thanking the faction for facilitating Grace’s entrance into the Zanu (PF) power centre,” he added.

Mugabe would remain in charge of the party, though, until the next congress in 2019, health permitting. Grace would get a stronger position and an influential ministry as part of the strategy.

“At the 2019 congress, Mnangagwa would then become the President and First Secretary of the party. He hopes that would give him the space to determine the composition of the party thereafter,” he said.

Mnangagwa and Kasukuwere, added the source, plan to change the party constitution to do away with the second vice presidency as a way of solidifying their power.

As part of the grand plan, Mnangagwa would reportedly rule up to 2023 and then hand over the reins to Kasukuwere, assuming Zanu (PF) remains in power.

“Whether that will succeed or not, it is the plan these guys are working with,” said the second source. The media-shy Mnangagwa was not picking up his phone despite several attempts, while Kasukuwere was not reachable for comment.


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    father 8 years ago

    God help us all!

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    Zviroto zvezvoto

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    Kasukuwere, the thug who was key in the 2008 violence getting all those youths in his ministry intoxicated with motives of murder, brutality and violence, for President?? WTF is this country coming to.

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    kumba vose 8 years ago

    Watonzwa munhu achiti kumukadzi wako udza murume wako atipe nyembe idzo dzinoindwa kuhondo idzi siyayi mudhara Inga vari kurwa wani nevavengi

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    just saying 8 years ago

    I assume HE is the current President of Zimbabwe. If that is the case let me remind everyone that there is nothing excellent about Robert to be given such a title. Why not just refer to Robert as HIM & we will know who you are referring to.

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      MyZimbabwe 8 years ago

      Better to refer to “him” as “It”. None of these people has done anything to earn our respect

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    This is just intrigue meant to divert people from the real issue at stake in this country- a complete lack of leadership.

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    JOHNSON 8 years ago


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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Is this the Mnangagwa who lost his hometown Kwekwe twice to unknown Blessing Chebundo, before he retreated to a rural constituency?

    Any opposition presidential candidate will stand a better chance against him in 2018, plus the reeling party is more likely to fracture under him. So for the nation’s sake I hope these stories are true.

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    Panda moyo 8 years ago

    Are these said gentlemen 100%sure that they wont die ,or get sick before their ambitions are realised

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    Itai tione

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    Nintalan 8 years ago

    This sounds like nonsense to me. There is no way Mugabe is going to step down for Ngwena or anyone else. Grace’s elevation is useful for Mugabe because it muddies the waters of succession once more. Nothing short of a Party coup will loosen his death grip on ZANU-PF.

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    Gushaz 8 years ago


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    Tinomunamataishe 8 years ago

    I guess we will have more of these speculative stories until the congress and they will keep us amused but the problem is it’s not laughing matter anymore.
    Zimbabwe desperately needs to move forward but that won’t happen given the people whose names are being touted here. They will just prolong the inept leadership that we are witnessing today.

    I think we can all forget about Mugabe ceding power to Mnangagwa. Another scenario will be for Grace to shock these guys and see herself as Women’s League chair and also Vice President and maybe Mugabe can then allow her to become president.

    I think the important thing to remember is that Mnangagwa is not presidential material and so is Mujuru. If we were still in the Stone Age maybe yes but not now.

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    rebel 8 years ago

    Hey pakaipa apo. Regai tione kwazvirikuenda.

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    Nyika yezimbabwe haimbofa yakatongwa ne va Karanga kana maNdevere kuBva mumaoko aMugabe Vamanyika chete neMazezuru finish!

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    protestor 8 years ago