More woes for car importers

via More woes for car importers – DailyNews Live 24 September 2014 by Roadwin Chirara

HARARE – Zimbabweans wishing to import cars could be forced to part with at least $200 on an import permit as the cash-strapped Zanu PF-led government desperately seeks various ways to boost its empty coffers.

Information gathered by the Daily News this week reveals that the ministry of Industry and Trade is currently working on a motoring policy aimed at tapping into the hugely-popular used car imports by levying an additional fee on potential buyers.

“The ministry is currently finalising the draft policy document which would still have to go through the normal processes before it is gazetted,” said sources close to the development.

The sources noted that the policy was likely to be acceded to without any hassle because the government is desperately in need of additional funds.

The planned policy development by government is likely to increase the cost of car importation into the country after Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa recently indicated that car import duty would be significantly increased with effect from November this year.

Used cars import duty currently stands at an average of 85 percent of the value of the vehicle.

Since the introduction of the multiple currency system in 2009, Zimbabweans have resorted to importing second-hand vehicles, mainly from Japan, as they are cheaper than those assembled locally.

However, there have been persistent calls by local car manufactures to ban used car imports, which they say have contributed to the demise of the local car industry.

Industry minister Mike Bimha, who has in the past also blamed the woes of struggling car assembler Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries and Quest Motors on the hugely-popular and affordable used cars, professed ignorance of the regulation on the motoring policy.

“I cannot comment on policies that I have not announced. I have never issued a statement on that, but we are working on a motoring policy, which is still work in progress,” Bimha said in response to a Daily News inquiry.

According to the Zimbabwe National Road Administration , Zimbabwe’s vehicle population now stands at

1,2 million, up from about 800 000, the bulk of them being grey imports.

Zimbabwe continues to battle a trade deficit, with exports totalling  $1,2 billion compared to $1,5 billion last year during the period January to June, with imports for the first half of the year relatively high at $3 billion compared to 3,9 billion prior year.


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    Educated Idiot 8 years ago

    A cottager and his wife had a Hen that laid a golden egg every day. They supposed that the Hen must contain a great lump of gold in its inside, and in order to get the gold they killed [her]. Having done so, they found to their surprise that the Hen differed in no respect from their other hens. The foolish pair, thus hoping to become rich all at once, deprived themselves of the gain of which they were assured day by day

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      it was a goose … but yes… Zanu PF economic intelligence is at the level of children’s fairy stories.

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        Educated Idiot what about man that chopped down the Apple tree to get the fruit that he could not reach. The man’s name was Zanu and his surname was PF.

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    They don’t care they all possess free brand new vehicles at the expense of the Zimbabwean population who didn’t vote them into power!Also all it is going to do is reduce the revenue collection through the toll gates!As usual no common sense thinking like everything they do!

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    Actually they are trying to discourage individuals from buying direct from the used cars supplier as this is also affecting their fully laden used vehicle sales .Remember they own almost every car sale around zimbabwe, their sales has dropped drastically since the majority are resorting to importing on their own and the mafia have to stop this at all cost.

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    Mafia, Mafia, Mafiosos.Their MOTTO (Everything for me) never comes to an end.

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    Mafia, Mafia, Mafiosos. Their MOTTO (Everything for me) never comes to an end.

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    bruce Koffee 8 years ago

    Its madness trying to protect an none existing industry. There are no car manufacturer in Zimbabwe, so its madness and greedy that is driving the Mugabe government. They will never be satisfied because all they want is accumulate wealth and more wealth and store it outside Zimbabwe. In fact if they were people who care about their electorate they would have come up with means of developing the import to enable countries like Zambia and others far from ports of entry access the cars easily than making it even harder for the local people. Majority are earning a living from such importation, delivering imported cars, using them as taxis and delivery vans. They do not car because they do not pay any kind of tax that common people pay.

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    farai 8 years ago

    Totally agree with u Bruce, not only do we not hv a car manufacturing industry, we do not need one. Lets turn wat is left of it into a duty free hub for the importation and distribution of these cars. The market for second hand cars is a multibillion dollar business. lets target a fraction of it and supply the whole region.

    We need to start playing to our strengths. Willowvale and should start polishing diamonds or rolling cigarettes. instead of asking for market protection.